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    Kathy Hardison

    We arrived at Port Orleans Riverside around 8 pm and had reservations to eat at Boatwrights. We made our resrvations there so we could eat, relax in the room and be ready to go to parks the next morning. I had the prime rib and it was wonderful, the veggies were also cooked just right and very good. I was going to get the pecan pie and not worry about my gluten intolerence, however the chef came to our table and talked me into getting the Butterscotch Creme Brulee……absolutely wonderful!

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    Beth Mcmichael

    Love, Love, Love Ohana’s!!!!! YUMMY!

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    Cathleen King

    I have enjoyed Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and always tried to the rotisserie chicken and sides with mashed potatoes and string beans, normally I wouldn’t eat the string beans, but they do make delicious. My family also has tried the burgers and ribs. I also like how they split the lines and this is the only place with I can get toppings even if you’re not ordering a sandwich or a burger. I can just take a topping to go with my meal.

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    Kona Cafe

    The Kona Cafe in the Great Ceremonial House is an open plan restaurant. It is right alongside the walkway leading to the monorail and if you have a table on the outskirts of the restaurant you will have views of the monorails zipping along. It is also very loud, and at times it was hard for me to hear my husband or children or our server. There are no walls between you and the rest of the hotel as there are with Ohana and often the crowd waiting to get in to see Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto can be quite loud as the floors make it so the sound bounces all over. This was secondary though as our brood was hungry. We placed our orders and waited.

    The food… well… it just wasn’t what you would expect from a Luxury resort. There I’ve said it. The eggs tasted like the powdered eggs you get at a Holiday Inn in the mornings for free. We ended up with tip paying over $60 for this breakfast and it really wasn’t anything spectacular. The coffee was good, but it tasted the same as I get in my Keurig back at home. The food quality was such that my husband got sick. Not food poisoning sick, but just is sensitive to artificial fillers, flavors etc. such as what you find in powdered eggs. Joy. So our first day at the Magic Kingdom was delayed so we could tend to him. I felt really bad for the guy. He wakes up at Disney eats breakfast and BAM! upset stomach.

    Our server was great, until she delivered our food. Then I didn’t see her again for over 20 minutes. I ended up tracking down a concierge who chastised me that “You can’t pay at the front desk!” Well, that’s awesome dude, because I have places to go and I’m not going to sit in your loud restaurant for 30 minutes after I get done eating. He tracked down our server who took our cash and promptly disappeared again. So score one for the server and the 25% tip I didn’t mean to give. Maybe it’s just me, but the Disney Dining offerings have been going steadily down hill for more than a decade. I remember looking forward to eating on property; now I look for great places to eat outside of the parks and also hotels with full kitchens in the rooms so I can fix our meals. It’s a 180 from where I was on the issue 10 years ago.

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    We’ve eaten at several of these restaurants and think they’re all good! Some of our top picks (and this is hard for me – as the our main goal at Disney is usually trying all the restaurants!) are Jiko, Tusker House, Le Cellier, OHana, Crystal Palace, and Cinderella’s Royal table. We just ate at all of these places in November (2011) with the exception of Jiko.

    Looking at each of them would take forever so I’ll just go with the one we love best – Le Cellier. This trip in November 2011 would make number six (or wait…is it number seven? Such a wonderful place!) The restaurant itself is such a neat setting once you get seated inside. Its full of a rustic elegance that instantly transforms our – go go go attitude to a relaxing time to enjoy with family.

    The food at Le Cellier is second to none! We’ve eaten there for both lunch and dinner. I have never had a bad experience. We’ve tried several different apetizers and desserts. We do tend to always go with the filet with mushroom rissotto (my spelling may be way off here!) Its so good! If you want to try an apetizer, definitely go with the sampler your first time to see what you like. Again, there isn’t one that we don’t enjoy! And the pretzel bread they bring to the table – there are no words for how quickly my family devours it!

    The only thing bad we have to say about Le Cellier is the waiting to get it. We’ve never had to wait too long, but when waiting there isn’t much extra seating inside. Which is fine on a beautiful day – as the scenery outside the restaurant is beautiful. But when its raining, it isn’t the best.

    Over all, Le Cellier is by far my top recommended choice to try on your next trip to Disney!

  6. 15


    i barely remember the character dinner i had in Cinderella’s castle. It was 35 yrs ago!

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    Amanda Johnston

    Just a heads up: the comments for Fulton’s Crab House are closed.

  8. 13


    Also please open comments on Cosmic Rays

  9. 12


    Studio Catering Company in HS is locked for comments. Thanks for posting all these, so I can check out all the restaurants I haven’t tried! 🙂

  10. 11


    Crystal Palace’s are also locked

  11. 10


    On the individual restaurant pages would be great.

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    I have posted my review on the link for the restaurant. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience!

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    We were in WDW from December 21st through the 31st. One of our favorite restaurants is always Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood Studios! My kids are younger (5, 3, and 1) so the characters there are perfect! They also sing and dance throughout the breakfast and encourage the kids to join in on the dance or even in a conga line! Another favorite is the Crystal Palace. There are plenty of food options for adults and kids alike. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and best of all, you get to meet Pooh and pals! One of my new adult favorites is the Rose and Crown Pub. Although it was REALLY busy, it actually didn’t take very long for us to get a drink to take with us. They make this drink that is guiness with blackcurrant that is simply amazing! One that I had never experienced but will do all in my power to avoid in future trips is Sunshine Season Food Fair in Epcot. The food wasn’t bad, but the staff was not very friendly and it was almost impossible to find a table or even WALK! The bathrooms there were dirty and only about half the toilets worked, the changing table in the women’s bathroom had “something” all over it and needed badly cleaned as it was unusable. When I informed a cast member of the problems in the bathroom, their response was that it wasn’t their job. It was a stressful and horrible experience all around.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I have unlocked those. If you run into any others please let me know.

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    need a comment box in Sci-Fi when you get a chance. =)

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    Sarah W

    I left my review on the page of the restaurant, Garden Grove. Should it have been left here? Is there anything else I need to do?

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    I’ve tried a few different restaurants to review, and none of them have the ‘add new comment’ section. This includes Biergarten, Tutto Italia, and La Hacienda de San Angel.

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    I would prefer all reviews be located here

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    For reviews, can we point to a review we have done on our site as a link, or how do you want to do this?

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