Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich, located in Downtown Disney’s Marketplace, is a sandwich shop franchise that can be found not just in Disney World but also throughout the United States.  However, Earl of Sandwich is extremely popular at Downtown Disney, and for good reason.  Their food is absolutely fabulous!  It’s fresh, unique, and a great use of counter service credits because you get a lot of food!  Earl of Sandwich has both outdoor and indoor seating.  However, you can get food to go, and then find a spot along Downtown Disney to enjoy your stellar sandwich.

Earl of Sandwich is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They not only serve sandwiches, but salads and wraps as well.  Earl of Sandwich is on the Disney Dining Plan, and will count as a counter service credit when using the DDP.  Try to go during an “off” meal time, to avoid long waits.  However, the food is well worth the wait.  Their Chicken, Bacon, and Avocado Wrap is out of this world, as is their Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwich.  However, you can view their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give Earl of Sandwich an “A”.





8 thoughts on “Earl of Sandwich

  1. Great sandwiches at a wonderful price. I love picking up a sandwich here and then taking the boat back to POFQ to eat my dinner in the room. It can get very busy, but lines move fast so don’t worry!

  2. What a great place to eat.. Plenty of seating inside and out and the service moves quickly. Made to order sandwiches which are so delicious and they don’t take long at all to make. I had the meatball sandwich and OMG, it was soooo good.. Afterwards I had one of their scrumptious brownies and Wow! I was in a chocolate coma.. The prices are phenomenal, not what you expect from a restaurant on Disney property and honestly for the quality of food, it was spot on.. 5 stars for sure!

  3. I always hear everyone raving about this place, so I’m hoping to stop by at some point for a sandwich!!

  4. Went here with my family this past summer! The sandwiches are amazing and they have a great price too. The portions are large and the menu is quite intensive.

  5. For the love of a sandwich. My goodness this place is good. I always enjoy a turkey and cheese and they do it right. My children got grilled cheese and it was the best grilled cheese ever. My in-laws liked it so much they went back and got a second one to share! Y.U.M. We look forward to going back every trip. It gets busy and the seating is limited, but when the weather is nice you can sit outside. We go in the off season and never have trouble seating 4-6 people. I would definitely recommend you check out Earl of Sandwich!

  6. We ate here May 12, 2011. We always get the meal plan and we love it.
    The food at the Earl of Sandwich is very good. One sandwich is enough for 2 people. They have some very good deserts.
    Seating is limited inside and out.

  7. I look forward to eating here on every visit to Disney. The sandwiches are so good, and there is such a variety in the menu. You have to watch out picking out too many extra things to go along with your food because they all add up, though.

  8. This place is fantastic! We went this past June with a group of 9 and everyone got something different. Kids loved the PB&J (even though I wasn’t sure about it warm) and all the adults the variety of sandwiches we got. We will be going back there again for sure!

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