When you step through the doors of the Biergarten restaurant in Epcot’s Germany pavilion you will feel more like you stepped straight into Oktoberfest in a quaint German village.  Judging by the name of this buffet, I would say that was just the plan of the Imagineer’s who designed it! Biergarten translated literally means beer garden and refers to an “open-air area where beverages, preferably beer, and food are served”.  In Germany, this would be an outdoor area attached to a pub or beer hall.  The outdoor area makes it easier for the establishments to accommodate larger parties of guests.

The food at Biergarten is just as hearty as the atmosphere, featuring classic German dishes as well as more well-known entrees like sauerbraten, weinkraut, and bratwurst.  There is also a salad bar and delicious desserts are included in your meal price.  You can view their full menu HERE.  

Biergarten opens at noon for lunch and closes briefly between lunch and dinner hours.  It is one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan, and reservations are suggested, although you can often squeeze in here a few months or weeks out.  This is an excellent use of your dining credits-the atmosphere, menu, and authenticity of Biergarten can’t be beat! You’ll be doing the polka in no time!

Overall, we give Biergarten an “A”.







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8 thoughts on “Biergarten

  1. Great show and great food. Don’t eat here if you have issues being seated with other people. The information is out there that any party smaller then 8 WILL be seated with others.

  2. Anywhere that I can get kraut and weenies is a winner in my book. Loved the atmosphere and felt like I was fully submersed in their culture.

  3. It is wonderful inside of this place. Really looks like you are back in Germany sitting outside in their wonderful weather. Great food too. Loved the buffet style

  4. I’ve eaten here twice in the last month. They are fantastic! The menu was the same at lunch and dinner, so if you are looking to save a few bucks try making a reservation for the late lunch time.

  5. We ate here last month and it had it’s good points and it’s bad. The good? It is DISNEY!!!! Everything Disney I have found to be fabulous. The downside- holy moly the huge crazy long line to get in, even with our ADR’s. Also I didn’t dig the having to share a table with strangers- as nice as they turned out to be. We loved the show/music and stuffed ourselves silly at the buffet.

  6. We just at here this past week and found it to be the best meal of the whole trip. I have twin autistic sons (12 1/2 years old). They boys can be very picky, they ate mac & cheese and loved the pretzel rolls. We are defiantly adding this meal to every trip!!! I also stop in the Werthers Carmel store to buy a bag of hot carmel popcorn!!!

  7. This is a great Restaurant for the whole family. My 7 and 1yr old Love it. And of course the food reminds us of home.

  8. This is one of my favorite restaurants at Epcot because I love German food and love the atmosphere, but I know food-wise it is not for everyone. On our last visit, we brought our young children (4 1/2 and almost 2), and I wasn’t sure how they would handle the music and show, etc. They LOVED the food and really enjoyed the entertainment. They even went up to dance during the audience participation parts. One nice thing about Germany is that it is a buffet, so you can get your food soon after being seated (our kids were very hungry, so this was a plus). We timed this one perfectly because the show started after we had gotten a good start into our food, so we got plenty to eat and as the kids were finishing up the show kept them entertained, keeping it at a more leisurely pace.

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