Via Napoli

Via Napoli

Ahhh, Via Napoli.  One of the most fabulous restaurants in all of Walt Disney World.  Classic Italian food, ambiance, and a fun atmosphere makes this a “must eat” on the Disney Dining Plan.  Also, if you are choosing to pay out of pocket for any meals, this is one that you should consider.  For the amount of food you enjoy, and the delectable choices, it’s a reasonable use of your money.

What is great about the restaurant here is the variety.  Anyone and everyone can find something here for Italian dining in a casual atmosphere. If the menu did not have enough to offer,  the authentic Neapolitan pizzas served here offer options for any palate.

Unlike its pricier and more upscale neighbor (Tutto Italia), this restaurant offers a little more fun. There are three wood-burning stoves to be found inside Via Napoli– and they are named after the three active volcanoes that can be found in Italy!  If you are looking for authentic, creative, and delicious Italian food in Walt Disney World, Via Napoli hits the spot!

Via Napoli is on the Disney Dining Plan and will cost you one table service credit per member of your party. Reservations are highly recommended, and you can see their full menu HERE.  Via Napoli is also part of the reserved seating for the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT during the Christmas season.

Overall, we give Via Napoli an “A+”.

Via Napoli



3 thoughts on “Via Napoli

  1. Great, fresh pizza the way it should be. Don’t expect Americanized “pizza”. The toppings are fresh, the crust is super thin and charred, and it is not too heavy. This is very similar to the pizza I have had in Italy. Service was amazing!

  2. We went to Via Napoli for the first time. Our entrees were wonderful. We enjoyed the Prosciutto e Melone Pizza (white pizza with fontina, mozzerella, prosciutto, cantaloupe and arugula) and the Mezza Rigatoni alla Crema con Pollo (short rigatoni in a cream sauce with chicken and peas). I need to figure out how to make the Rigatoni. The texture was luxurious and just plan yummy. The bowl seems to be a small portion, but it is VERY filling. We finished with the chocolate and pistachio gelato. The perfect finish for the meal. We did not have ADRs but we stopped by early in the afternoon and they had seats available for the evening so we were able to get a table for 6:00 without a problem.

  3. I really just want to advise everyone to never go here. Every person working here was a snob, and even with a reservation the wait was way too long for sub par food.

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