Popular doesn’t even begin to describe Ohana at the Polynesian resort.  Located in the Magic Kingdom area of Walt Disney World, the Polynesian offers one of the most popular, delectable restaurants on property.  Ohana is a Hawaiian themed restaurant, serving breakfast and dinner.  Many Disney guests seek out Ohana, and it is often at the very top of dining reservation lists when the 180 day mark hits.

  • Ohana serves a breakfast buffet, featuring Lilo and Stitch.  They visit each table for autographs and photo opportunities.  Mickey and Pluto also make appearances often.  
  • Breakfast is served family style, which means they bring the food to your table and keep refilling the dishes.
  • For an opportunity to see Lilo and Stitch up close, this is a must do.
  • Ohana serves dinner as well.  It is a tropical Hawaiian meal, featuring grilled shrimp, turkey, and dumplings.  You can view the full dinner menu HERE.
  • Even though there are no characters for dinner, it is still a fun experience.  You and your family can engage in coconut races, hula hoops, and dance to island music.

Ohana is part of the Disney Dining Plan and will count as a table service credit.  It is an outstanding experience, and one everyone should try whether it’s your first or fiftieth Disney trip.

Overall, we give Ohana an “A”.




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33 thoughts on “OHana

  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy. That is all I can say. Great food and service. I would go back if I could actually get an ADR! One of the hardest restaurants to get into.

  2. I enjoyed ‘Ohana. I got a late dinner reservation, got a window seat to watch Wishes. Service was so-so. Took over 20 minutes for someone to take our drink order then another 30 before anyone came around with food. Pork was really hard, noodles were amazing!!! Dumplings were terrific! The guy providing the music was great entertainment!! The pineapple coconut bread was to die for!

  3. ‘Ohana is a must when we go to Disney World. It is my daughter’s favourite place to eat. She loves the food and loves the juice! We love the meaning of ‘Ohana, and love the fact that the kids van get up an make noise and be kids!

  4. Ohana is wonderful!!!! Loved the feel of they whole resort. The food was great and I did like how they brought it all to ya. Plus it’s the only place to meet Lilo!!!

  5. I grew up in a family of picky eaters so we never ventured to this place. I’m hoping once I have little ones of my own, my husband and I can take them here. I’ve always wanted to dine here!

  6. Ohana’s for dinner is a great choice for dinner. We always try to make ADR’s for about 30 minutes or so before Wish’s fireworks in Magic Kingdom! Love watching Wish’s from Ohana’s!!!!!!!!! The staff is nice also.

  7. This is the best restaurant at any of the resorts, in my opinion. From start to finish everything about Ohana is excellent. My son loves the dancing and games. My husband loves the food at dinner. I love to see the smiles on their faces!

  8. We went to this breakfast 3 years ago, it was our first and only time. We absolutely loved it! It was our favorite so far. The kids got to really interact with the characters and the food was great! We always said the next time we go back, we will definitely visit O’Hana again!

  9. Ohana is our favorite charachter breakfast. We went there for our first Disney trip. Throughout the years we’ve tried other charachter breakfast locations, but we alway come back to Ohanas.

  10. A dinner must-do! We loved this restaurant! If you love meat, then you better prepare yourself for the great choices. It reminds me of a Brazlian churrascaria where the chefs visit your table with a huge selection of different meats. The appetizer foods were so good that I had to remind myself to stop eating so much or I wouldn’t have room for the main entrees. The dessert was excellent too. My kids liked doing the coconut race where you push it around using the broom.

  11. This character breakfast is one of our faves. Family-style of creamy eggs, potatoes, mickey waffles, bacon and sausage. The mango/orange juice is delicious – my daughter talks about it year-round and the pineapple bread you are greeted with…yum. View of bay lake is a bonus.

  12. This was an awesome meal! The food was delicious and our reservation let us watch, and hear, Wishes from Disney World. It was an amazing evening!

  13. We loved this restaurant! My husband and I went for a date night with the babysitter stayed in the resort with the kids. Meat on a stick? Can’t go wrong! We had an amazing view of the fireworks over the castle. They play the audio to the fireworks from Magic Kingdom and dim the lights- it was truly magical!

  14. We finally gave Ohana a try two years ago and we have been kicking ourselves that we waited so long! The food is amazing and our twin boys love the environment. Can’t wait to go back again this fall!

  15. Despite the challenge of getting reservations, the likelihood of a long wait for your table (even with ADRs) and the often chaotic nature of the dining room, Ohana is one of those restaurant experiences that truly exemplifies the Disney dining experience and that my family thoroughly enjoys. The family style meal includes something for everyone and is best experienced with a pina colada or 3 while you savor the “hawaiian” hospitality and entertainment.

  16. OHana is a fantastic restauarant! it’s fun for all ages! The adults can sit back, have some fantastic food, watch the fireworks at magic kingdom (if they’re there late enough), have a drink or two – and the kids can join in on some fantastic games and enjoy the same fireworks and food! It’s great times!

  17. Love khans it was great for everyone, the kids loved when they brought the food to the table and they about died when they seen the shrimp. When we go back this will be a must place to eat.

  18. We had a family reunion at DW, and ate at Ohana three times!! Twice for dinner, and once for the character breakfast. Everything was wonderful, and the kids (there were 8 of them) had a blast dancing, and following the line around the restaurant. Our second dinner was later, and we had a nice view of the Magic Kingdom’s fire works. Can’t wait to go back!!

  19. We had approximately 25 people for dinner at Ohana and everyone loved it so much. The wait staff was so friendly and cheerful. We had one with special dietary needs and that was pleasantly addressed. The food especially a great dessert and fun entertainment topped a great day for all. No one should miss it!

  20. My husband and I go to Ohana for breakfast on our departure day. Typically we use the Dining Plan and have one meal left for that morning. We love that we can have all of the Disney magic before we get in the car, along with a great family style breakfast that will hold us most of the way home. There is something amazing about the characters getting to the table that day. We get to say hello and goodby and leave feeling like our “family” (Ohana) will be there when we come back, waiting with open arms like family always does.

  21. We visited Ohana this past September. It became our new favorite place to eat at Disney World. The food was all so good. We ate there for both breakfast and dinner although dinner was our favorite. My kids who are very picky eaters even tried everything and ate more then normal. Their bread pudding was wonderful! I tried to make it but not the same. The kids enjoyed the entertainment and coconut races. I recommend Ohana to everyone! Well worth the price!

  22. We visited Ohana in July 2009 for breakfast. The food and characters were great as usual! I really enjoyed the mango orange juice. I didn’t remember them serving that on previous visits. I LOVE the Mickey waffles. It was fun to watch all the characters and kids in a parade around the restaurant. We didn’t have any kids with us, but the characters still made sure to stop for pictures and “talk” with us. I also love the view you get looking out of Ohana. But my favorite part of eating at Ohana for breakfast is that my favorite character, Stitch, is there.

  23. We visited in September 2011, closer to the end of breakfast service so we could make it count for brunch!!! I was kind of worried that maybe we would get the tail end of the food and it wouldn’t be good. OH how surprised was I!!!! Yummmy the potatoes were a hit and the juice, I could have drank that all day!!!! The characters were so attentive, even to the adults! What a great time we had, we will be going back!

  24. A late night dinner reservation wasn’t the brightest idea, with four young kids, but it turned out okay. our waitress was very friendly, and the food was great! And the dessert was AMAZING!!!!!! By far my favorite dessert at disney.

  25. We’ve done dinner at ‘Ohana twice now mainly because we love the atmoshpere of both the restaurant and the Poly, especially in the evening. There is some fun entertainment for the kids if they are willing to participate. We all enjoyed different foods most and each found enough to be pleasantly full, our servers brought chicken and french fries as well as plain ice cream for the kids. Going back in a few weeks…

  26. We visited Ohana for the first time in October of 2011. My baby was 2 and loves Mickey Mouse. Since we couldn’t get in at Chef Mickey’s this was 2nd choice. My DD11 loves Stitch, so she was very excited to meet him at Ohana. When we arrived, we were immediately directed to have our picture taken. It turned out wonderfully! It is the best picture of all of us from that trip. We waited about half an hour to be seated at our table. The server seemed to be very, very busy, even though most of the tables were empty. I think our ADR straddled a shift change since the tables started to fill up quickly as we were leaving. The food was very good. I think our table’s favorite were the potatoes. Yum! The reason I selected Ohana was to see Mickey Mouse. It turns out that DS2’s favorite character was Pluto. He petted him and loved him and kissed his nose. DS2 even tried to feed Pluto a Mickey waffle! It was magical. Pluto spent a long time at our table and DS2’s face was a joy to watch. As I mentioned before, DD11 was really looking forward to seeing Stitch. Stitch was a total riot. First he accidentally broke DD11’s pen and made a huge deal out of it. Then he played peek-a-boo with DS2. Totally hilarious. We really enjoyed our trip to Ohana. As an alternative to Chef Mickey’s this was an excellent choice. DD11 says she wants to go back!

  27. We also did the character breakfast at ohana in aug 2010, this was my second time there and it was one of the worst experience i had at a diseny restaurant..Our buzzer never went off we sat there waiting for 1 1/2 hours..we finally went to ask what was the hold up n they said they were buzzing us for about an hour,,,ok,,,np…we were seated. Not even 5 min of being there a big bug flies out of the kitchen area and lands on our tablet..fyi,,my little cousin is highly allergic to bug bites she spent most of the year before in the hospital, so we r all freaking out one of the kind waiter finally came over to move us n killed the bug,,we asked to speak to a manager who we did not see untill we were leaving and all she did was not charge us for the kids meal, it was our second to last day staying there so it was not really helpful.

    But over all the food was not that great, and if your at the end it takes forever for the characters to get to you,,,but the waiters were really nice,,thats the only nice thing i can say about it,,,

  28. breakfast: We did the character breakfast with the Hawaiian sweet rolls and all the food you can eat. Perfection! Stitch, Lilo, Mickey and Pluto made the kids time wonderful. We had the twins holding Mickeys hands leading the parade through the restaurant. Great memories. This is a must do on the last morning you are there. Great ending to our trip.

    dinner: Tons of variety of mouthwatering meats and the atmosphere was outstanding. We could see fireworks from MK. The kids drinks lit up with pins from Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear. Everyone had fun. (Make sure you visit the beach at night as well)

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