Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella

With so many dining choices, both quick and full restaurants, available in Epcot it seems Electric Umbrella really only serves the purpose of convenience.  Located in Future World, specifically Innovations West, the quick service restaurant is open from 11am until sometime around an hour or so before park closing (time varies).  However, what seems average to some, looks to be a fan favorite for many!

Electric Umbrella serves the typical quick service fare.  Burgers, wraps, salads, and sandwiches make up most of the menu for lunch and dinner.   What is worth noting is that this is a good place to pick up a snack or two.  Electric Umbrella is a good place to grab something quick to eat, and to find respite from the heat.  Electric Umbrella is a great location if you have picky eaters, who might not enjoy some of the more eclectic selections of World Showcase restaurants or even Sunshine Seasons.

Aside from the obvious plus of the location (if you are hungry, or with hungry kids in this are The Land may seem like a long walk for lunch), Electric Umbrella looks really cool lit up at night. It is consistent and does have ample seating, which may be a blessing on a humid summer day or hot summer night!  Electric Umbrella is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and counts as a counter service and/or snack credit.  You can find the full menu for the Electric Umbrella HERE.

Overall, we give Electric Umbrella a “B”.





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