Caribbean Beach Pool

Old Port Royale Food Court

Caribbean Beach Pool

Old Port Royale Food Court is the Quick Service Dining option at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  Here you will find breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered at various times of the day.  You can get an omelet, Mickey shaped waffles, french toast, and eggs for breakfast.  You also have grab and go options from this location as well.  Such as cereals, pop tarts, bagels, and other pastries.  For lunch you might enjoy visiting the different “Markets” and choosing your lunch or dinner from various selections. You might choose from baked ziti, lasagna, jerk chicken sandwiches, or salads.  You can find their full menu HERE.

You can also take advantage of having a pizza delivered to your room.  Don’t forget, you can refill your mugs here, and the meals here will count asQuick Service Dining Credits when using your Disney Dining Plan.

With so many options, the Old Port Royale Food Court is sure to fill your family up from a day of touring or get them ready for a day of fun.  Overall, we give this Disney restaurant location an “A”.






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2 thoughts on “Old Port Royale Food Court

  1. Just got back from here in July. I was disappointed in the bakery selections, especially after the parks closed. I would go there after 1030 pm and the place was wiped out.Then I would go back at breakfast and it was wiped out again. I understand that the area is getting ready to close at night but I hated setting for chips that I can get anywhere at home, I really wanted the cheese danishes that I love and they were never there anytime of the day I went.

  2. My daughter and I stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort Jan13-16, 2011. We made liberal use of the Old Port Royale Food Court. Selections weren’t “fancy” or different from other quick service meals but there were delicious and fast. We took pizza to our room (you could have it delivered if you wanted), and had burgers and fries, and Chicken fingers and fries another time. In the morning there was a great selection of fruit, cereal and bakery goods as well as hot breakfasts (waffles, eggs, and bacon). The prices were about average for quick service.

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