Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons is by far one of the best food courts that Disney has to offer. You will find it in The Land pavilion, located in EPCOT.    This makes for a convenient location if you are spending your afternoon taking a boat ride through Disney’s gardens at Living with the Land, joining Timon and Pumba for a look at the real Circle of Life, and experiencing the sights and sounds of a hand-gliding adventure over California on Soarin’.  Sunshine Seasons provides a lot of seating, unique food options, and there is something for everyone.  You can view the full menu for Sunshine Seasons HERE.

There are four different areas to choose from when dining at Sunshine Seasons: Sandwiches, Soups and Salads, Asian, and The Grill.  Each station has their own unique menu, which does change occasionally, but stays within the theme.  There is something for every person and every mood to be found here. Sunshine Seasons is part of the Disney Dining plan, and is considered a counter service meal or snack credit.  One of the great things about Sunshine Seasons is that it offers a lot of variety-especially for a counter service location.  You won’t find just the regular burgers and chicken nuggets at Sunshine Seasons.  And, the portions are SO huge, that there is plenty to share!  One thing to note, is even though there is a lot of seating here, the tables are fairly close together.  Also, you are not allowed to bring a stroller into the Land pavilion.

Overall, we give Sunshine Seasons an “A”.





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5 thoughts on “Sunshine Seasons

  1. Great variety and really fresh. Seating can be difficult. Eat at off times and it won’t be an issue (but that is true with any Disney counter service).

  2. My husband and I love Sunshine Seasons! There are plenty of options so even the pickiest eater will find something they like. I definitely recommend getting the strawberry shortcake here, it’s so good!

  3. We are always tempted to eat here but normally change our minds because that area always seems so crowded. Maybe my husband and I will give it a try this fall.

  4. The food here is good, and everyone should be able to find something to eat. There are a ton of options. It’s nice that they have a soda fountain where you can refill the drinks you purchase there. And…if you don’t drink soda or lemonade…they will give you a cup for water (as will most Disney counter serve restaurants.) They’ve got really good desserts also. The strawberry shortcake is outstanding. I’ve also had a variety of other interesting desserts includind a chocolate ginger cake (don’t remember what they called it.) This is also a good place to split meals to save money or dining plan credits. You get a lot of food.

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