Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Sci-Fi Diner

The Sci Fi Dine-In Theater, found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Commissary Lane, is one of the most unique dining experiences on property. Your meal is located inside at a Drive-In theatre circa the 1950s.  Your table is a classic car and you are facing a massive movie screen that plays snippets, clips, and previews from classic B horror films.  The sky looks similar to the Mexico pavilion or Pirates of the Carribbean—where you are transported outside even though you are inside.

Not only is the atmosphere unique-so is the menu. Glowing Character Punch, classic 1950s milkshakes, and even some unique adult beverage {don’t forget the glowing ice cubes!} are fun touches to your meal.  Your meal choices are sandwiches, salads, and steak and seafood.  To see their full menu, go HERE.

We recommend the Sci Fi Dine-In Theater if you have mostly adults in your party, or older children.  It could be a bit scary for toddlers and preschoolers.  However, the older children and teenagers in your group will enjoy it!  The Sci-Fi Dine In Theater is part of the Disney Dining Plan.  It would be one table service credit for each member in your party, and reservations are highly recommended.

The ambiance is fun and the theming is fantastic.  The meals fit right into the theme as well, with classic diner fare.  Arguably the Dine-In makes the best milkshakes on property!

Overall, we give the Sci Fi Dine-In Theater an “A”.




7 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

  1. A definite must do at least once. Very fun atmosphere and really fun for kids especially as they get to dine in a “car”. Food is ok but then again, are we really there for the food or to have fun? Especially fun for those who have never been or even know what a drive-in was like!

  2. This place is Super Cool… I love the ‘outside drive-in’ look and feel of it, indoors of coarse!! Totally transports you back to the 50’s where your servers come to you on roller skates and are totally into character. It was fun! The food was good, nothing out of this world, it was just like eating at a burger joint. My kids got a kick with the receipt at the end of the meal because they make it look like a ‘speeding/traffic ticket’.. I would totally do it again and I recommend an ADR or the wait could be long. We had an ADR and waited about 15 min’s to be seated.

  3. This is pretty darn cool inside. From the outside you would not even guess that they could fit a whole outside movie theater inside of there. I think this is a must.

  4. I’m eating here for the first time saturday and i can’t wait! ive wanted to try this place for so long! even if the food is “meh” the atmosphere looks great

  5. I absolutely LOVE the Sci-Fi Dine in! The atmosphere is amazing, since I love old movies. The food is great, and reasonably priced. The service is awesome, and I love how some of the waitresses are on roller skates!

  6. Review for Sci Fi Dine in Theater

    This place sometimes gets a bad rap, but I have to say my family and I really enjoy it! You can beat walking in on a hot afternoon to the dark drive in setting, your mind just instantly relaxes and you cool off just thinking its night-time!

    We normally get burgers and the turkey sandwiches here, and we enjoy each and everytime. You cant come here and not geta Milkshake, yummy! The best way to describe them, thick, creamy and full of flavor, the perfect treat on a hot day!

    You cant wrong at the Sci Fi Dine In Theater…great food, milkshakes and an atmosphere that cant be beat! Give it a try on your next trip!

  7. I may get lynched for this, but I just didn’t like this place. It looks cool, and we were drawn to it just for that reason. Out of the 2 times we have eaten there, we have been happy with the service and food 0 times. The way most of the seating is set up, you end up with either your back to someone or you end up looking at someones back. Not easy to converse like that. The menu was less than desireable and I had a hard time finding something to order. I don’t know if the service is always slow or just slow for us, but it took a long time to even get drinks and our order in. Then another long wait for the food that wasn’t worth the wait or price. I heard the milkshakes were good, but I wasn’t in the mood to wait around for one. It took almost 2 hours out of our day to eat there, and that is with a reservation!

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