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Picabu Buffeteria

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Picabu can be found at Disney’s Dolphin Resort in the EPCOT area of Walt Disney World.   It’s an excellent stop on your way to and from the parks, as they offer packaged sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.  Not to mention if you need to grab some sunscreen, over the counter medications, or toiletries that you need.  However, don’t let the small space of Picabu fool you into the size of its menu selection.  The variety of foods at Picabu is buffet like-but with a cafeteria type of convenience.  Here you might find strip steak, chicken pot pies, pizzas, pot roasts, and more.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can find their full menu HERE.

One great thing about Picabu is that they have a few options to feed your whole family-including a Rotisserie chicken meal with a few side dishes and drinks.  Picabu is a great option for families on the go, but who also might like to enjoy a homestyle meal at their Disney resort.

Overall, we give this dining location an “A-“.



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