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50’s Prime Time Cafe is located in Hollywood Studios in the Echo Lake Area.  It is coupled with the In-Tune Lounge-an option for those guest 21 years and older.   50’s Prime Time Cafe is a themed restaurant made to look like a typical house from 1955.  With a heavy dose of sitcom decor!  Some of Mom’s favorite dishes are on the menu, such as the following:  golden fried chicken, pot roast, s’mores, and meatloaf.  You can view their full menu HERE.

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a trip back in time.  The wait for your table is in the “living room”, while old favorites are on the TV.  When you are taken to your table you will see televisions and unique 50’s knick-knacks.  If you are lucky, grab a “TV Table” which has a television at the end of your table for easier TV dining.   As you eat your dinner surrounded in nostalgia, you are treated to episodes of old favorites like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Three Sons.  Don’t forget to order dessert, the menu is on a ViewMaster!  This is not only a great meal-with good food for everyone-it’s also a dining experience in and of itself!  The cast members interact heavily with the guests-be prepared!  It’s all in good fun, though.

Check your embarrassment at the door.  Everyone is “family” at the restaurant and Mom (aka your server) will have no problem yelling at you to eat your veggies and get those elbows off the table.  You will be sitting next to your “cousins” and the whole atmosphere is like one big family!  50s Prime Time Cafe is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and counts as table service credits. You’ll want to make a reservation here if you’re looking for a fun meal!

Overall we give this restaurant an “A”.




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12 thoughts on “50’s Prime Time Cafe

  1. The atmosphere is really fun at the 50’s PTC. Love watching all the old clips playing on the TVs and love to chat it up with the servers. The food feels like Mama’s homecooking but really, go for the ambiance and upbeat atmosphere.

  2. We (3 adults, and one 3 yr old) really enjoyed the atmosphere and the retro decor. Our waitress was not as funny as some, but she was probably exhausted and tired from the day. Food was good, like home cooking. Make sure you wash your hands, and dont try to ask for dessert if you havent finished your veggies!

  3. When we ate here, I was forced to set the dinner table for another family. My father got yelled at for hiding his green beans in his mashed potatoes. It was a hilarious good time!

  4. 50’s Prime Time is one of our 2 “don’t miss” restaurants. (Boma is the other!) We eat there every trip. The PB&J shakes are my favorite! We can always count on great food and service!

  5. I can’t wait to eat here next year. It’s been twenty years since my last trip, and that is far too long!

  6. Always a fun time! One day, I’ll be able to take my little brother. He’s wanted to go with me since the first time I told him about this restaurant

  7. We were spoiled in 2005 when we were served by “Auntie Claire.” She was amazing and made the experience that much better. We’ve been there twice since and the staff is just not hospitable, let alone what we expect of Disney.

  8. Even on visits where the wait staff isn’t quite up to their usual antics, we still always enjoy 50s Prime Time. Love the atmosphere and you just can’t beat eating at an old formica television watching black and white clips on the little rounded tvs. Yummy chicken and pot roast! (Though I really really really miss the onion straws on the appetizer menu.)

  9. We dined here during the busy Christmas season. I think we were there Dec. 27th. The food was ok, nothing really spectacular. The service was not as expected and it was probably because of the holidays though. The server barely came by our table. We left rather disappointed.

  10. This is one of my favorite restaurants simply because of the theme, and is a must on every visit. I think its so much fun to be sitting at the kitchen table, watching some old shows and having our Aunts and Cousins visiting. Of course, this is also where my boyfreind at the time and I stopped to wet our whistle with a few beers. I had completely forgotten that I was wearing my personalized Ears, so it took me a few minutes to understand how the staff all knew my name. I love that little bit of Disney magic.

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