Tokyo Dining

Sushi Bar and Mood Screen at Tokyo Dining

If walking into Teppan Edo immediately gives you a feeling of the serenity of traditional Japan, then walking into Tokyo Dining immediately makes you feel immersed into trendy, modern Tokyo.  The design and lighting give off a contemporary feel,  as does the menu.  While traditional choices are available the greatest emphasis is on sushi.

There are samplings of all different kinds and varieties of sushi here, as well as a great bento box. Often a great way to get your favorite takeout, bento boxes usually come with sushi or another main course, as well as a vegetable, rice, and sometimes an appetizer.  At Tokyo Dining you get a sampling of chef’s choice grilled, braised, fried, and raw daily specialties with rice.  You can view their full menu HERE.  Tokyo Dining is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will cost you a table service credit for each member of your party.

The ambiance of the restaurant helps relax you after a bustling day in the parks.  There is a “mood screen” that can be found in the sushi bar area of the restaurant.  There are pictures, which change, on the large television screen showing some of the most beautiful and tranquil, as well as iconic, scenery from around Japan.  If that is not enough to have you book a reservation on your next trip, the main dining room has a great view of the World Showcase promenade, which also means, great views of Illuminations.  During the show, the music is even piped into the restaurant.  Also, Tokyo Dining is a location where you can get a meal and reserved seating for the Candlelight Processional.

Tokyo Dining is located in the same building as Teppan Edo, the large building to the west side of the pavilion. It is a great accent to the Japan pavilion, and an excellent renovation of what used to be Tempura Kiko.  Tokyo Dining is a World Showcase hidden treasure.

Overall, we give Tokyo Dining an “A”.

Tokyo Dining



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