Karamell Kutche


Karamell Kutche is a MUST DO on your way through World Showcase.  The newest addition to Germany’s pavilion in World Showcase is located right out front.  The former location of Glaz and Porzellan, now features lot of, as you could probably guess, caramel treats! You can find a large assortment of Werther’s products to purchase here as well as some delicious (tasting and smelling) caramel flavored treats! Baked goods change daily but expect to find cakes, cupcakes, pastries and other confections as well as caramel dipped apples (topped with a range of choices) and even caramel popcorn! Yum!

This is a “must stop” on your tour around the world!  You won’t want to miss out on the sweet, authentic German treats here!  It’s a great stop to get some unique souvenirs, and enjoy the taste of Germany when you return home.  Or, add it to the list of  “sweets around the World” that you want to try.

Overall, we give Karamell Kutche an “A”.



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