Starring Rolls Cafe


Starring Rolls is located on Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Many guests stop here first thing in the morning to grab a tasty pastry, scone, or muffin to start their day.  Not only do they serve breakfast {which is wonderful}, but they’re also known for their super awesome dessert treats.  Looking for a Darth Vader cupcake?  You’ll find it here!  Starring Rolls is a “must try” during any Disney vacation.  Every park has its popular dining locations, and Starring Rolls is for sure one of them!

Don’t be deceived by its name, Starring Rolls Cafe serves a lot more than just breakfast baked goods!  While this is probably your best choice for a bakery breakfast- and that goes for the muffins and scones as well as the coffee menu- you can also pick up lunch and dinner here.  There are snack and counter service options for guests on the Disney Dining Plan and afternoon choices include focaccia sandwiches and even sushi!  You can view the full menu of Starring Rolls Cafe HERE.






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7 thoughts on “Starring Rolls Cafe

  1. this is my new favorite place! i can’t believe how many times ive been to studios before ever trying it! everything is amazing!

  2. We were disappointed that the cost with tax for a cupcake at Starring Rolls pushed it too high to use a snack credit on but boy was the Darth Vader cupcake delicious!

  3. The food here is wonderful. We eat here every time we’re at Hollywood Studios. I suggest sharing a sandwich even if you’re on the meal plan. Otherwise, you’ll be too full for one of the amazing cupcakes (or other pastries). Plus…the sandwiches are huge! My favorite is the turkey sandwich on foccaccia bread. If you’re on the meal plan, you can get a bag of chips or a piece of fruit as a side (and then, of course, the magnificent dessert!)

  4. We went here with one purpose in mind…The Darth Vader Cupcake. It was excellent and we probably could have shared them. It didn’t help that we got the R2-D2 dessert mug that came with an option of Strawberry Parfait (Vanilla Pudding with a Strawberry) or Tiramisu. We were in it for the mugs and didn’t eat the dessert. I was a little disappointed with the amount of space inside. There was a large line and only 1 register open. However, the service was incredible…even if the cashier couldn’t understand “what the big deal with this little baby guy (R2-D2) was!” She was hilarious and entertaining…very Disney!

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