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Whispering Canyon Cafe is located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  But unlike other table service restaurants on property….audience participation is part of the fun!  You see, your servers will good naturedly give you a wild west hard time-don’t wear a Universal Studios or Sea World shirt unless you’re ready for some cajoling.  Or, maybe you’re the jokester type who wants to interact with your server in some good natured heckling.  If so, be sure to chomp on some gum while placing your order!  And don’t ask for ketchup unless you’re willing to work for it.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at the Whispering Canyon Cafe.
  • At dinner, they offer a Build Your Own Platter option-great for families!  And a dessert sampler platter is included as well.
  • The staff at Whispering Canyon Cafe are very friendly and fun loving.  Please know that any cajoling or heckling they may give you and your family is all in good fun!
  • Reservations are strongly suggested at the Whispering Canyon Cafe.  It is one table service credit per person in your party if using the Disney Dining Plan.
  • There are no Disney characters present at the Whispering Canyon Cafe meals.

If you want a down home, fun, energetic meal experience, you’ll find it at the Whispering Canyon Cafe.  Your whole family will enjoy the atmosphere of this restaurant, and are sure to leave with a smile on their faces!  You can find their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give this Disney restaurant an “A+”.

18 thoughts on “Whispering Canyon Cafe

  1. This is one of our must visit restaurants every trip! And it’s where I always have my birthday dinner!

  2. Ate there in May 2012 and was disappointed in the changes that are being made to the restaurant. Lots of the “slap-stick” and joking has been toned down and they have been making changes to the menu. Food was NOT good and we had a long talk with one of the managers about it. We have eaten there probably 30 times over the past few years and this was the first time I’ve left there not full and not happy. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!

  3. My husband thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this fun restaurant. We dined there January 1st, 2012. We had the all you care to eat skillet and the refillable milkshake. The food was so delicious, but the server made the dinner the best. I would have to say my favorite part of the food was the pulled pork and the homestyle mashed potatoes. The caramel shake is amazing. The server was fun, loud, and amazing. Since there was two of us we were kind of scared to asked for ketchup by ourselves so she joined in with us. We didn’t even need ketchup, we just wanted the experience.

  4. Whispering Canyon Cafe is wonderful. We had the best time for lunch there. It was loads of fun for all of Us that went.

  5. The Whispering Canyon Cafe is one of our favorites that we do every time we go. The food it really good and it’s a really fun place especially for the kids. And who can forget asking for “KETCHUP”.

  6. Love Whispering Canyon Cafe. The food is very good and it’s a fun place to eat. My favorite part is the KETCHUP!!!!!

  7. We ate here in September 2011, We were seated quickly but that is where our good service ended. The waitress was very distracted and inattentive and we actually did not like the food. We had given up our HDDR night to eat here and were so disappointed. Next time we will resume our HDDR tradition!

  8. We had dinner at the WCC in December of 2010, had to wait quite a while to be seated for our 6:30 ADR. Fortunately there was a Lincoln Log play area for the kids as well as the interesting lobby. Our waiter was a lot of fun for the first half of the meal and then kind of lifeless for the rest, maybe he got tired?? Anyway, I was very impressed that he went outside of the restaurant to get a PBJ for our picky daughter. The rest of us had the popular skillet and deemed it average. Overall still a good experience, I would get an earlier ADR next time to hopefully cut the wait time.

  9. Holy cow, Jamie! Did you complain? That is way rude. We had a much better experience. We had ADRs and were seated quickly. For the short time we waited, we enjoyed playing with the large Lincoln Log set in the waiting area. The food was yummy and there was a lot of it, and our waitress was fine, not pushy about anything. It is a loud place, so if you’re really tired, you may want to try another restaurant.

  10. My family and I have eaten at the WCC on 3 occasions. 2 dinners and 1 breakfast. The first dinner visit was so fun and we couldn’t wait to return. The second dinner visit the waiter was, in my opinion, rude. We were celebrating my sons 14th birthday and having a wonderful time. At the end of our meal the waiter asked if we wanted dessert and we declined as we were full and we didn’t really see anything of interest. The waiter offered a to go box for the dessert and again we declined (we had no where to keep it in the room anyway). The waiter then returned with a cupcake and sang happy birthday to my son. When he was finished he said, “Since your full I guess you don’t want this.” and he proceeded to eat my son’s cupcake.

  11. We liked the atmosphere here but I wish the menu would’ve been more extensive. My husband doesn’t eat some of the food served here and when he asked about a substitution he was told “your choice comes with THIS” or “that’s just on the kids’ menu.” He didn’t want to ruin the evening so he just ordered something and left most of it on his plate.

  12. Wilderness Lodge is a great resort. I have stayed once and am staying again in the fall with my son. The location is great if you are a Magic Kingdom fan like I am. My favorite part of this resort is walking into the grand lobby for the first time…so cool!!! We really like the waterfall too!

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