Casey’s Corner

Casey's Hot Dogs

Located on the corner of the west side of Main Street, USA, Casey’s is a fan favorite for American specialities!  This is a great place to stop for a quick bite.  The menu includes: hotdogs, fries, chili, and a selection of snacks which include Cracker Jacks as well as hot and cold beverages.  For a more detailed menu, you can click HERE.

Casey’s Corner is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and it is a quick service meal credit.  You can grab a hot dog and take a seat on Main Street USA to enjoy a parade, or just people watch!  Also, if you get there right when they start serving lunch, your child might be chosen to throw out the first pitch, while everyone sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  And, you’ll get Cracker Jacks!  How fun!

Casey’s Corner fits perfectly with the theming of Main Street USA.  It’s nostalgic, classic, and you can even enjoy the live piano player outside!  Overall, we give Casey’s an “A”.




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14 thoughts on “Casey’s Corner

  1. It’s awesome to grab a drink and a great Hot dog at parade time. I love the mini dogs. yumm….

  2. We tried Casey’s for the first time last year. My husband made us go back to get another pulled pork slaw dog before our trip was over!

  3. We Loved Casey’s Corner! Went there on our Honeymoon and I craved their corn dog bites for MONTHS after our trip!

  4. I am sad to say this is one place that, although I have walked by it and through it many times, I have never eaten there. Gonna have to change that one of these days… The bleachers set up is so cute!


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