Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

The only snack stop located in Liberty Square is Sleepy Hollow which offers various sweets like ice cream, cookies, and cakes (including my favorite funnel cake) as well as root beer, Coke, and cappuccino floats.  There is a larger assortment of hot beverages here than usual snack stops including many specialty coffees.  One of their more famous “snacks” is a Nutella and Fruit Waffle Sandwich.  Yum!  You will also find other various waffle flavors, and you can have a Spicy Chicken or Ham and Proscuitto Waffle sandwich if you’re looking more for a meal type option.

Sleepy Hollow is on the Disney Dining Plan.  You can use your snack credits here.  What a great place to use “snack” credits, and still get a sandwich that could make a fun, unique meal.  This is also one of the few places on Disney property that you will find iced coffees,   You can find their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give Sleepy Hollow an “A”.


5 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow

  1. the nutella and waffle sandwich is amazingggg! Definitely big enough to share with a friend or two

  2. My oldest daughter is very excited about trying out the fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich during her first trip to Disney World this fall.

  3. The Fruit and Nutella waffle is a new favorite for my family. Makes a great breakfast or brunch!

  4. Sleepy Hollow is also the home for the new, amazing waffle sandwiches. So far, I’ve only had the waffle with nutella and fresh fruit, but I’ve had it several times. You even watch them making it. It’s so very good. I’m looking forward to trying the chicken waffle sandwich when I go in early October. The hours are more limited for that one, though. The nutella waffle is available all day (at least the last two visits it was) while the chicken waffle sandwich and the ham and cheese waffle sandwich were only available from 11 till 5. I’ve heard that they now also serve a breakfast waffle sandwich.

  5. Sleep Hollow is a great hidden spot. With kids menus being more similar at counter service places, for a treat on our last parks day, we picked up Mickey waffles for the kids for lunch and brought them with us to Columbia Harbor House for our own lunch. The kids were so excited and the waffles were great! They have a nice shaded picnic area next to Sleepy Hollow with a lot of tables there if you want to snack there.

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