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Sanaa, is located in Kidani Village, the Disney Vacation Club section of Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Here you will find a fusion of Indian and African flavors.  You can sit in the lounge and enjoy specialty drinks, inspired by the spice markets of Africa.

Sanaa is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will cost you one table service credit per member of your party. One of the highlights of Sanaa is watching the hundreds of gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and other African savannah animals that roam around Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Also, you can enjoy a special dining experience here-Dine with an Animal Specialist.  This four course lunch will allow you time one on one with a specialist who cares for the animals.

Since Sanaa is such a unique dining experience, we recommend making dining reservations at the 180 day mark.  You can view their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give Sanaa an “A”.


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11 thoughts on “Sanaa

  1. I loved this restaurant, not just the food was fantastic but the atmosphere was amazing, from the decor to the live animals outside. I recommend this restaurant to all.

  2. To us this sounded like a great idea. Eating with animals near by. But the reality was we should have just gone one day to the resort to see the animals. There where none that were close to the resort while we ate. And I know others like it but none of us liked the food. Just too different for us

  3. Love eating here. The bread service is delicious. You get to choose 3 of five breads and accompanyments to go with them. We chose the naan, spiced naan and onion kulcha. Our favorite was the naan. I don’t remember what we got to put on the breads because i was just enjoying them plain but the rest of the family really enjoyed the spreads. For dinner we all got the slow cooked sampler. You get a choice of two served with Basmati Rice. I got the Durban chicken and beef short ribs. All delish!

  4. The bread service is not to be missed! If you don’t have a reservation, try requesting a seat at the bar. We’ve meet a few great (& friendly) bartenders this way!

  5. We visited Sanaa in January of 2013 and loved it. We went at lunchtime and had a table right by the window and had great views of the animals. My husband loves Indian/African cuisine and he was not disapointed. The food was absolutely fabulous and the service was fantastic. This restaurant is definitely on our list to go back to when we return.

  6. September 2011, All I can say is everyone, even our pickiest eaters LOVED Sanaa!!!! From service to food to atmosphere it may have been our most enjoyable dinner. We enjoy spicy flavors so the Dunbar chicken was right up our alley! My Picky 16 year old loved the Lamb and the desserts were heavenly!!! 5 stars from us!!!

  7. We ate dinner at Sanaa in late August 2011. It was fantastic! We had an ADR right at opening so we got to enjoy the opening drum show. It was loud but definitely got us in a festive mood. We had a table by the window which was perfect. The atmosphere of the restaurant is so nice and the animals outside your window were spectacular! Where else can you have such an experience? We really enjoyed watching how the giraffes were able to lower their long necks to reach food on the ground. The service was excellent and the food was superb. We had the bread sampler and it’s s good as everyone says it is. The tandoori chicken was also fabulous. The meat was very tender and flavorful. I can’t say enough good things about our meal. We will definitely return!

  8. We had the pleasure of dining at Sanaa for my birthday on 12/30/11 for lunch at 11:30am. It was fantastic!! The whole staff was incredibly kind and very accommodating. They seated us near the window and we were able to watch the animals on the “savannah”. We started off with the bread sampler and the salad sampler. Superb! There were 3 of us. Our friend ordered the lamb, my husband ordered the tandoori chicken, and I ordered the dunbar chicken, chicken with red chile sauce and basmati rice. The food was heavenly! The waiter was more than happy to explain all the breads and such to us to help in our selections. The food was so flavorful! The atmosphere was relaxing. I cannot say enough about the food. The portions were plenty, we didnt leave hungry at all. I was sent away with a chocolate cake with raspberry mint sorbet (I was too full to eat a dessert there). We definitely plan to return again and again and again. This has been my favorite place to eat thus far.

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