One of Walt Disney World’s most popular buffet’s is Boma. Inspired by the “Flavors of Africa” here you can enjoy various different stations with African-inspired dishes.  Though the menu changes, it always pleases at Boma!  Boma is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It is authentic African food, which shouldn’t surprise you, based on its location.  Over 50 African countries are represented on the buffet here.

Boma is a part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will cost you a table service credit for each member of your party.  Since it is buffet style, there is a great opportunity for you to try different foods in small portions.  You can view .  Boma is great for families, as there is something for everyone!

Also, another note, if you have done the Wild Africa Trek tour in Animal Kingdom the “boma” you experienced out on the savannah comes from the restaurant here as well!   Since Boma is absolutely delicious, and very popular, reservations fill up fast.  You’ll want to get your reservation scheduled as close to your 180 day mark as possible.  Boma serves breakfast and dinner.

Overall, we give Boma an “A”.



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29 thoughts on “Boma

  1. We ate at Boma twice on our last trip. We fell in love. The food is excellent and they have good variety and switch it up some nights. The soups are wonderful, and don’t forget the zebra domes. Good service and entertainment. Even if you don’t stay at this hotel Boma is worth the trip!

  2. Was quite good the last time I was there, but not the best I had ever had. Going to give it another shot on my next trip!

  3. Boma is phenomenal! Don’t be scared to go to this restaurant thinking you won’t like the food. The food just a little bit of African flair with the spices used.

  4. Boma is our family’s favorite restaurant. The choices on one buffet are fantastic. And then there are the Zebra Domes… YUM!!

  5. We love Boma. It has something for everyone in our party (family of 8 , 6 kids from 7 to 18). The food is always delicious, and we love taking a stroll around the resort and viewing the animals after our meal.

  6. Very adventurous meal, but buffett has something for everyone! Greatest selection I have seen at WDW!

  7. The first time I ate here in 2012, I thought it was great! I went again one year later and thought the food had got a bit downhill, unfortunately. When this happens, I’d sooner eat at another sit down restaurant for the same if not less pricetag. There are too many great restaurants on property to choose from to eat at one you think is just ok for the price.

  8. Boma is awesome! I love that you can go to individual “pods” and you don’t have to wait in the long line LOL

  9. We love the dinner at Boma! We get to Animal Kingdom Lodge early so we can take in the atmosphere of the resort and the savannah!

  10. Boma is an absolute MUST DO on every trip. I’ve had breakfast and dinner both, but usually go for dinner. I recommend it to anyone who will listen to me rave about it, and if they seem hesitant I always make sure they know there is a “normal food” pod to eat from. 😀

  11. Boma is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere…not just at Disney. Even though it’s a buffet, the servers and cooks go out of their way. I’ve gotten the breakfast juice at dinner. The buffet rotates through different soups and stews. While I like most of them, I have two favorites. One visit, neither of my favorites was on the buffet. One of the cooks (it’s an open kitchen) heard me say something about it to my friend and told me he’d get me some. A few minutes later, he brought out a huge bowl of one of my favorites. Apparently, they had some in the back. And then…there are the desserts! The zebra domes are an addiction, but all of the other mini-desserts are also wonderful. If you’re staying at AKL, they have a culinary tour every day before they open. You tour Jiko and Boma to hear about design choices, sample a bread service at Jiko, and sample a soup at Boma. The castmembers leading the tour are from African countries, so you find out a bit about their countries as you tour. After leading you down the buffet areas at Boma to explain the food choices, you get a zebra dome!

  12. We love Boma! The fact that it is in the Animal Kingdom Lodge is an automatic plus for our family as we love visiting the AK lodge every time we are in WDW.The restaurant earns more points due to the atmosphere ,which is warm and friendly and very colorful.The buffet style food gives everyone something to go back for seconds for. There is a wide variety to choose from and it is always fresh and hot(or cold, if need be). We just love the whole African theme about the lodge and the food!

  13. Boma restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge has been my FAVORITE WDW restaurant for years. It’s a great place to widen your palate! The unique flavors are so interesting, not the typical food found everywhere, but there are still some familiar foods. I’ve seen people raving about the breakfast, and I’ve never been that much of a breakfast person, but the dinner is amazing. Try all of the soups!

  14. My family loved Boma. It was nice to have some new items to try for the more adventurous folks and some everyday, homecooking for those that are afriad of trying something new. I LOVED the ginger Carrot soup!!!

  15. THe FuFu is delicious. As are the wonderful spicy smells that float thru the air to tantalize your taste buds.

  16. My family LOVES Boma! They are great when working with my son that has food allergies and always take the time to review the flu buffet with me. But, the best part is that there is something for everyone in my family to eat…no matter how picky they are. We all always walk away full and satisfied!

  17. Love Boma! I have a daughter who is allergic to wheat rye barley tree nuts and peanuts. The chefs walked us around, made my daughter additional food and even posed for a picture with us. Fantastic! We liked it so much we went twice! Sept 16, 2011 and Sept. 20 2011. We first went here back in Sept of 2007 because of the reservation specialist told us too. I dream about this food!

  18. My family has dined at Boma EVERY trip for the last 8 or so visits to WDW. It quickly became one of our family’s favorite restaurants. Even my DD – now 12 and very open to all types of cuisine – has always loved the unique offerings here. This is a buffet, so the atmosphere is less intimate than other table service restaurants. However, we are early diners – usually right at 5:00 – so the dinner crowd is not at it’s full potential yet. Food has always been hot and plentiful. The variety at Boma is wonderful. Even for picky eaters, there is a section of kid-friendly, typical items. However, to fully enjoy the experience at Boma, I highly suggest you try as many dishes as possible. The food is so flavorful and interesting! It’s a must-do for us every time! 🙂

  19. I was as little worried about taking my kids to Boma, since my daughter is a picky eater. But it was late and we were staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so we decided it was our only choice. We LOVED it. I had so much fun trying all the different things on the buffet. There was more than enough for even my kids to choose from. We loved it so much we ended up going back for a second visit (which says something… usually at Disney World there are so many other places I want to go I will only visit a restuarant once in a visit). It is the only restaurant I went to last trip that is on the MUT DO list for our next trip.

  20. We went to Boma in Sept. of 2009, it was highly recommended to use, unfortunately we will probably never go again!
    I liked some of the food. However, the line was ridiculously long,even though it was September. It wasn’t set up double like most of the Disney restaurants making it difficult to move through the line. It was very loud and we had the unfortunate experience of another party’s child get sick at the table beside us, in the waiting area and the bathroom. While I felt bad for the child the staff was very slow to clean it up, the patrons were all running for napkins and trying to help.

    (ooops signed in as my son from google! )

  21. We haven’t been to WDW in a few years unfortunately, but during our last trip we had our 2nd visit to Boma’s dinner buffet. The atmosphere transports you to Africa with the wonderful decor and the smell coming from the restaurant will make your mouth water! The buffet is extensive with many choices for even the pickiest of eaters. There’s nothing like a variety of delicious, warm breads and salads to start off your meal and Boma delivers, just don’t fill up yet! They usually have at least 3 or 4 soups to choose from and my favorite is the Butternut Squash. Wonderful vegetable dishes are available as well including Sweet Potato Pancakes and FuFu (mashed sweet potatoes that have the most amazing spices, oh so good!) The meat selection is wonderful as well. They always have a variety of beef, chicken and seafood and I had turkey there once that was amazing. The wood fire ovens they use to cook the meat makes it so tender and smokey. I have to say, the first time one of the chefs told me about Bobotie, I was a little apprehensive. It is like a lamb and beef quiche with onions and raisins, which sounds a little strange, but it is terrific!! If you aren’t too full (trust me, save room) the dessert bar is one of the best I have seen at WDW. Zebra Domes are very popular and they are as good as they look. I celebrated my Honeymoon and my Birthday at Boma and both times my husband let the server know. They brought me a lovely plate of Zebra Domes and other small desserts and berries with “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate sauce. Such a nice touch! Don’t worry about the kids either. If they aren’t adventurous eaters, they still provide mac and cheese, spaghetti and chicken fingers along with all the fruit and veggie choices – don’t worry, no one will leave hungry!! Don’t forget to try some African wine or beer with your meal!

  22. We were a party of 8 (4 adults, 2 kids, 2 “infants”) and ate here on 12/5/11 for breakfast. It was our first buffet of the week, but we absolutely loved it. The food was great, and always fresh. Some of the more exotic choices were fun. My friend and I LOVED the corned beef hash w/ mustard sauce. It was so different from the flavor we were used to. Our husbands kept trying to get us to go back there for breakfast again. The Jungle Juice was very popular with our families, too. Then, after breakfast, one the cast members had gotten out a drum and was playing. She let our kids play on it, and they loved dancing to the music as well. The only negative, our waitress could have been a little more attentive. It wasn’t overly busy at the time we were there, and it seemed we were waiting on refills a lot. Other than that, it was great. This is a must do for us for breakfast from now on.

  23. We recently ate here hoping that it would be good. We were disappointed in the food and the service. We ate the breakfast buffet. The food was typical (for the most part) Disney breakfast. The juice was very good and I did have a few glasses of it. We were glad to have tried it but won’t be going back to Boma any time soon.

  24. On our last day in WDW we had breakfast at Boma. It was good – but I think after having had buffett style food all week, I was a bit burned out. There were some nice perks here – like an omelett station, and other “different” foods. I’d definately come back to Boma – if nothing else than to walk around the resort when we were done eating.

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