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1900 Park Fare


1900 Park Fare, the Character Dining experience at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, is home to several fun and terrific dining options.  One great thing about 1900 Park Fare is it’s dining experience options, which allow for different character interactions.  No matter which one you choose, you’ll love every second of it!  1900 Park Fare is highly popular, and can be crowded.  Not to worry though-you’ll be enchanted by your favorite English Disney characters-Alice, Mad Hatter, Cinderella, the stepsisters, and more!

  • Supercalifragilistic Breakfast.  This is where you will find Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, and sometimes the March Hare!  Sometimes Tigger and Pooh appear as well.  This is a buffet breakfast experience, and is a great way to meet some of the more unique Disney characters.
  • Wonderland Tea Party.  The Wonderland Tea party allows for an hour of tea, with your favorite characters from Wonderland!  Tea, aka apple juice, is served for the kids, and cupcake decorating ensues!  Creating a special craft, and some magical photo opportunities allow you and your family to enjoy some Disney characters in a unique way.
  • Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner.  This dinner experience is perfect for the princess fan in your family.  Cinderella, Prince Charming, and of course the wicked stepsisters make an appearance here!  The interaction with the stepsisters is most memorable, and they’ll have everyone at your table laughing!

As with other character meals, make sure you have your camera, autograph book, and pen ready!  1900 Park Fare is an excellent way to enjoy some of Disney’s best characters.  Since it can be crowded, and is very popular, make sure you make reservations at your 180 day mark.  It is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and is one table service credit per member of your party.  You can view their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give 1900 Park Fare an “A+”.

25 thoughts on “1900 Park Fare

  1. Really considering the dinner for our next trip, having two girls means lots of Princess love in our house.

  2. this is a MUST do for dinner! We go to MK for the day and take the monorail to the grand floridian for dinner….Strawberry soup!!

  3. Our first time at 1900 Park Fare was in November 2011, when we had brunch with Alice, Mad Hatter, Pooh, Tigger, and PIglet. Wonderful food and great atmosphere!

  4. We always have had a great experience at this resturant. Cannot wait to go back! We’ve gone for both breakfast & dinner. The characters were wonderful at each.

  5. I LOVED our breakfast at 1900 Park Fare! I didn’t realize that Tigger was one of the characters in attendance. I am a huge Tigger fan, so this was a great surprise for me. Since I am usually planning all of my family’s Disney surprises, I felt like I got some Disney Magic back. 🙂

  6. taking my 2 yr old here for dinner on our no park day coming up. Question is do a lot of kiddos dress up for this one? I wasn’t sure since it’s at a resort instead of in the park.

  7. 1900 Park Fare with the steps is our family’s favorite! The food is great and the characters are the best!

  8. Took my daughter on a boat ride here from a park to meet Cinderella and the Prince on her 6th birthday. The resort is gorgeous, but when we were there part of the lobby was under construction. We had lots of time to wait before dinner so the kids tried out the pool. Boring. This resort is mainly for honeymooners and adults. The character meal, however, was great. She got a b-day cupcake and plenty of attention and autographs. Anastasia was our favorite. My daughter was dressed up as Cinderella, and it was so cute, there was even a part where she danced with the characters. The food at all the different stations was amazing.

  9. We loved all of our dinner experiences at 1900 Park Fare. There is plenty of variety and choices for everyone and the kids love the strawberry soup. The characters never seemed to be in a rush and the couple times we have been there they came close together which made it nice not having to watch for them and run back from the buffet. We have definitely had some of the best character interactions here compared to some of the other princess dining.

  10. It is perfectly acceptable for adults to attend a character meal without children…especially this one at dinner. Cinderella, the Prince and the Step family spend plenty of time at each table and they even play with adults. The buffet is divided into sections by type of cuisine/country, so there is something for everyone. I think it has the best food of any character buffet.

  11. We just had breakfast here on 1/16/2012. We were very late for our reservation due to Monorail delays. It was no problem and we were seated immediately. The strawberry soup was wonderful. The lobster eggs benedict was good. The bacon was the thickest on the whole WDW property-all our other breakfasts the bacon was so thin you could read thru it! Delcious orange,guava,passionfruit juice. The whole buffett was fresh and delicious.Great character interaction.Great service. We will be back.

  12. My mother-in-law and I visited this restaurant for the first time on our last visit to WDW – it was charming! Alice in Wonderland, in particular was funny and engaging and all of the characters took time to chat with us. Make sure to try the cold strawberry soup!

  13. We visited this restaurant for the first time last September. I had no idea it even existed until this last year and we’ve made many trips to Disney World. The food was very good for buffet and they had a good variety. The characters were great, and customer service was great. They were about an hour late getting us in for our reservation, and this was incredibly frustrating with a busy barely 4-year-old, but profusely apologized, and they made sure that we got to meet each of the characters, even though it was past the time they usually close.

  14. We went for the first time for dinner (Dec. 23, 2011), and we really had a good experience, the service the food and the characters were great. Stepmother and stepsisters are awesome.

  15. We really like dinning at 1900 Park Fare. The characters give you alot if table time and the food is good. Love the cold strawberry soup.

  16. We went for the first time for breakfast in Dec 2010. We saw Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, & Winnie the Pooh. I agree with Jamie, the food is pretty standard, but the character interaction was something special. They made the experience more than the more typical “stop & take a pic” – partly because the characters are allowed to speak, but also because I think they have a bit more time to spend at each table. We would definitely return.

  17. What a great dinner buffet. My whole family enjoyed the evening. My daughter was 10 and was in awe with Cinderella and Prince charming when they came by and talked just to her. My son and nephews age 18-21 had so much fun joking with the step sisters and the wicked step mother took a special interest in my husband and even danced with him in the special dance at the end of the evening. All the characters were truly awesome and stayed in character the whole evening. We all still talk about how much fun we had that evening. A Disney memory that I hope my children will remembered for a long time. 🙂

  18. We have enjoyed both the breakfast and dinner buffets. I didn’t feel the food was the best to be had at Disney. That being said the character interaction is top notch. You also meet up with some characters that may be hard to find in the parks. (Mad hatter, Prince Phillip, Step mother and step sisters, etc)

  19. Date of meal March 2009. I have to say that as a character meal, the best characters here at 1900 Park Fare for dinner is Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella. As funny as it sounds, they are warm and funny and real “people”. The Prince and Cindy were polite and aloof as real royalty being nice would be. Not too human an interaction. I loved that the characters all circled the room about 3 times by the time we finished our 1 hour plus meal so there were lots of photo ops and interaction opportunities. During the first dance, they invite all the little lords and ladies out to the floor as well which is fun. My daughter was on her Make a Wish trip and got to dance with the Prince. We appreciated that nice attention. 🙂 The service was ok on drinks. The buffet meal was a total disappointment. After reading rave reviews on the disboards about the strawberry soup and the rest of the food, I was expecting Disney magic -not top of the line 5 star, but at least 3 star. The food was a little bland (and I generally like bland) and not seasoned well enough. Most of the buffet stations were just warmed/overwarmed up food. We had a 6p sitting and didn’t get in until closer to 7p. We had ordered a custom cake – it was terrible. Don’t waste your money. The chocolate sculpted roses were made with gum paste – yuch! I wish they had just used chocolate frosting as it would’ve tasted better. The custard filling was horrible and made the cake soggy. We didn” even finish one slice.

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