Harambe Fruit Market


Harambe Fruit Market is open seasonally in Animal Kingdom’s Africa area and has a very similar selection to Asia’s Drinkwallah which serves a small selection of snacks and drinks. You can pick up chips or fruit as well as a selection of beverages at both kiosks.  At Harambe Fruit Market, you can use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits.  They have fruit and cheese, soft pretzels, caramel and apples, and more!

Overall, we give Harambe Fruit Market an “A”.




One thought on “Harambe Fruit Market

  1. The last time I was at AK I remember thinking, man I could go for some fruit or a nice salad. And what do I find at my elbow, but a nice selection of veggies with a light ranch sauce. It was right what my mouth was ready for at that moment. Harambe Fruit Market is definitely a place to stop for a healthy treat!

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