Le Cellier

View of Le Cellier entrance

Le Cellier may be the hardest reservation to get in all of Epcot. It often books up on the earliest reservation window of 180 days out!  Tucked literally in a “cellar” this restaurant was named for ancient wine cellars and pulls off a cozy and rustic feel with ease.  The stonewalls and stained glass are accented by lantern light.

It is easy to see why this is a favorite among Epcot park-goers from the moment your bread is placed on your table to the last few scrapes of your fork across your dessert plate.  Hearty Canadian foods fill the menu that is sure to offer something for everyone including salmon, beef, chicken, pork, duck, and even buffalo!  The cheese soup is a must as is the campfire s’mores dessert.  Somehow dining at Le Cellier is both fun and relaxing and both family-friendly and romantic.  Like so many World Showcase restaurants, it offers the slow down that most need after a day in the parks.

Le Cellier is on the Disney Dining Plan, and will count as TWO table service credits for EACH member of your party.  You can view their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give Le Cellier an “A”.

4 thoughts on “Le Cellier

  1. No where near worth the hype. I can make a better steak at home. Everything had way too mush salt. Also, the tables are way too close together. Hope you like “sharing” your meal because you will know everything going on with the table next to you.

  2. We ate at LeCellier the last time we were there for dinner in Sept. 2010. It was by far the best meal we had at Disney. The Cheese Soup is SO GOOD! The steaks were delicious and dessert was awesome. I look forward to going again the next time we visit. Highly recommend snagging a reservation for lunch or dinner.

  3. I love eating at Le Cellier last time was Sept 2010 and I am looking forward to going again in Sept this year, I love the Cheese soup and the Pretzel bread rolls are to die for I really wish I could buy these somewhere as I would buy them all the time. The steaks are very good in this restaurant as well and I love the nice quiet atmosphere also even when it is busy it is not too noisy in there.

  4. We’ve had dinner twice at LeCellier, the last time right before the switch to 2TS credits. We enjoy the darkened wine cellar atmosphere and gosh, we love our steaks. The food was very good, but for 2 credits I will try to get a lunch ADR in the future or go OOP.

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