T-Rex, located in Downtown Disney can be found in the Marketplace section, near shopping and the LEGO Imagination Center.  T-REX is a dinosaur-themed restaurant touted as a “Prehistoric Family Adventure”.  The restaurant is divided into different Prehistoric themes such as Meteor and Ice Age with decor to match.  You are surrounded by animatronic dinosaurs, meteor showers and the Kitchen of Fire!  The Paleo zone features a Dinosaur Dig and Dinosaur Creek to pan for treasures.

  • On the menu, you might find dinosaur themed food-such as Wooly Mammoth Chicke, Age of Salmon, as well as other fun, themed dishes.  You can view their full menu HERE.
  • This restaurant is family friendly, but keep in mind the dinosaurs make noise and the meteor shower can be a little scary for small children.  The menu is extensive, with choices to please everyone in your party.  There is also a Dino-Store which includes a Build-a-Dino Station, by Build-a-Bear Workshop.
  • Even though your child may enjoy dinosaurs, this restaurant can be a bit scary for young children.  It is very loud, and the dinosaurs are huge.
  • There are no characters here, but it is a fun and unique dining experience.
  • All the rooms are themed, with the Ice Age room being the most surreal.  Take some time to look through some of the other areas of T-REX.  There are a lot of great photo opportunities!

T-Rex is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will cost you one table service credit per member of your party.  For a fun, unique, very well themed dining at experience at Downtown Disney, you will want dine at T-Rex.  It’s a fun step back into time, and eating amongst dinosaurs can be a once in a lifetime experience!

Overall we give T-Rex an “A-“.


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