Everything Pop Food Court

Everything Pop Food Court

Everything Pop Food Court is located in the Pop Century Resort.  The menu is some typical food court items and some not so typical food court items. The food court is set up in a semi-circle and has a grill, Asian Cuisine, Pizza and Pasta, flatbread sandwiches, salads, and sandwiches, and a Bakery and Cafe.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food court is set up in “stations”, with some serving different selections than others.

All Value resorts offer in room pizza delivery and a resort refillable mug that you can use in your resort only to get unlimited free refills of coffee, tea, and soda. Everything Pop Food Court also offers a Mom’s Night Out.  The food here is very good and the portions are very large.  A definite must try is the Tie – Dye Cheesecake.  You can view their full menu HERE.  

If you are visiting the Food Court and not staying at the resort, we recommend you take a walk around the resort. You will see larger than life replicas of some things that will being back memories.  There are lots of great photo opportunities here.   Everything Pop Food Court is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will be a place you can use your counter service and snack credits.

Overall we give Everything Pop Food Court an “A”.




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23 thoughts on “Everything Pop Food Court

  1. On a few stays at Pop I had only picked up food to go at the food court. Last trip I was at the resort at dinner time one evening and asked to see an allergy chef. Being allergic to grains is a real trial at times but the chef made dinner for me. They have a special food prep & cooking area in the back and she asked what I would like, gave me a pager and I sat for about 15 minutes people watching and the pager went off. I had a wonderful & safe dinner of salmon, green beans & tortilla chips. The salmon was cooked perfectly – a great meal at a great price!

  2. we have never stayed at Pop or eaten there but have heard really good things about their food court versus the other food courts, our family is hoping to get to DW in 2014 and stay at the POP..

  3. Mom’s Night Out dinners! Even if I’m staying at a resort clear across Disney property, I come to Pop on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday night for the fried chicken dinner. You get two large pieces (a breast and a drumstick) a piece of cornbread, really good green beans and amazing mashed potatoes! It is so good. My friends often get other entrees, and they’ve commented on how good they were, (Asian noodles, blackened fish…)

  4. we love pop! stayed there for the first time last december, and will most definately stay again!

  5. We love the pop century and always stay there. Our favorite dinner is the fried chicken Alfredo. It’s large enough for 2 adults to share as is most of the food in the food court. I love that they carry soy milk as I am lactose intolerant and it’s even our brand silk.

  6. I stayed at Pop Century just last month (May 2012) and I have to say… The food court, which is considered quick service was better in my opinion than the quick service at Animal Kingdom Lodge (we stayed there August 2011)! I don’t know if it’s because the food goes more quickly or what, but, the food was fresh and yummy! My daughter had the cheese pizza and it was more than enough with the two sides and chocolate milk. I can’t remember what I ate, but, I DO remember the tie dyed cheesecake and coffee! And yes, it really is that good in person!

  7. Recently stayed at Pop October 2011. Love love love the food court. So convenient. To go boxes are readily available so that I could grab breakfast and take it back to the kids in the room. Kids loved the kids meals and choices they got to make. I was especially grateful to see that they had Soymilk for my son who is allergic to regular milk. He was thrilled. The portions are large and more than enough for one person. My personal favorite: Mickey Waffles. The staff was wonderful and so helpful with the dining plan.

  8. Love it!!! The only thing that I would give a thumbs down to is the selection. If you are staying for a while, be prepared to get a little bored with the choices!!! The cupcakes are amazing, and a must have!!!!!!

  9. We stayed at Pop in Sept. of this year. We love the food court! There’s a lot of variety and everything I’ve tried has been wonderful. The portions are very generous for the most part. There’s also a grab and go section with some very good sandwich choices. We were on the quick service dining plan and this was so convenient, too. As everyone has stated before me, you MUST try the tie-dye cheesecake! I also got a beef and bleu cheese sandwich one evening and I swear it was as big as the plate! Also, they have the Mom’s night out dinners which helps change the menu up a bit as they serve different meals on different nights.

  10. We ate alot of meals here on our last trip in summer of 2010. We had the meal plan and eating here made it super easy since this was our resort. The kids LOVED it all the choices made it easy to please everyone and the portions were great . there wasn’t anything we did not like. All the food was awesome.

  11. we ate here during our december 2011 stay, and LOVED it! great service! great food choices! huge dining area! great cast members! and the tie-dye cheese cake was awesome!!! this was our original resort, and we were sad to leave. our room had a bug issue, so we got bumped to the wilderness lodge for the last 6 days of our trip. gotta say, going from a value to a deluxe during the same trip wasn’t all that great! we loved and missed our pop century! we will definately stay at pop again!

  12. We stayed at the Pop in August 2011. All of our previous stays (childhood and adult) had been at the Poly, so we had VERY low expectations. We were pleasantly surprised to love this resort. It wasn’t the Poly, but it really was perfect for us, and made an otherwise impossible trip possible. I’m here to review the food court, though. The first few days it was good, but we were there for 10 days. Honestly, after the 4th day, we were SO grossed out by it. It just seemed so heavy and greasy. We tried very hard to eat in the park before returning to the resort, just so we wouldn’t have to eat there. It does have a lot of variety, but I refuse to eat fish from a food court. We ate a lot of burgers and taco salads. Occasionally, we’d have pizza or pasta, but all of it seemed to run together and just not sound good anymore.

  13. My family and I stayed at Pop Century in the summer of 2009. It was exciting and fun. We ate breakfast every morning at the Food Court. We were using the dining plan which was a little confusing at first, but the cast members straightened us out nicely. There was plenty of good food for all tastes. I would definitely go back and try it again!

  14. I have several Pop favorites! My favorite is the flatbread sandwich with olives and artichokes, from the place on the far left. Very good! The next thing is the chicken lo mien and beef and broccoli from the place on the far right. Usually I order one and my son orders the other, then we split it. But don’t forget the Tie Dye Cheesecake, it is the best!

  15. I have 2 favorite meals at the POP food court. First, is the Turkey TV dinner unfortunately it is a mom’s special and only available on certain days. Second, is the cheese steak wrap. Yummm! I can’t wait to go back!

  16. We used to always stay here. However, we went this past July 2-9 and stayed elsewhere due to out party size. We still made a trip there for the tie dyed cheesecake…it is soooo good, and the only place you can get it!

  17. I have stayed at the Beach club the 1st time, and 5 times @ the Pop Century. I love it @ Pop. I just came back on Saturday and I love that there is a food court! @ Beach club I had to eat @ character breakfast, which was expensive doing that every day.

  18. I just stayed here two weeks ago. I did not care for it. I am used to staying in moderate or deluxe resorts but took a solo trip and had to save money. You really can tell the difference. The room was fine but i asked the front desk a question to verify the right info and they told me I was wrong (a transportation question which I ended up testing and I was right). I stayed in the 50’s section and there was an awful smell around the stairwells that didn’t go away the whole week. As for the food court, if you want to get to the parks at opening, there is only 1 food station open before 7am, the rest don’t open until 7am so that was a bummer. Maybe if you never stayed at a mod/deluxe hotel you would like it, but having stayed at better I wouldn’t stay here again.

  19. we are staying here in december! our first time in a value resort!!! can’t wait! chip – we have so many of your articles printed out to take with us that i could make my own book!!! your site is awesome! thank you for all the help you provide!

  20. I love POP. It is my number one choice when coming to the World. It is convient because of it having it’s own bus system, so no need to stop at other resorts, the layout is very easy to get around and I love the memories it evokes when I step off the shuttle.

  21. We have stayed here on several occasions!  The food has been good and Castmembers very pleasant. The kiddos love playing the Asteroids video game while waiting….boy does that bring back memories!

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