California Grill

California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort
California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

One of the finest dining experiences you can have on your Disney vacation is at California Grill.  This signature dining experience is located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  This dining location is one that you’ll want to experience!  The menu changes often, as they use the freshest foods available to serve to guests.  Sushi, salads, Goat Cheese Ravioli, Smoked Mussels, and a myriad of other unique foods grace the menu at the California Grill.  Not only is the menu unique, but you can also view Wishes from the observation deck.  It was recently remodeled, and now the ambiance of California’s finest dining atmosphere is at Walt Disney World.  No where else on Disney property can you find a 12 course omakase menu….in other words, you trust the talented chef to prepare your sushi dishes for you, without you making requests.  How fun!

Some things to remember when dining at California Grill:

  • There is a dress code at this location.  You’ll want to make sure and pack some dress shorts, a dress, collared shirts, or other “non park” clothes to dine at California Grill.
  • If you dine BEFORE Wishes, you can show your receipt for re entry to the restaurant and view the fireworks.  Dining after Wishes, you are welcome to watch the show from the observation deck as well.
  • While children are welcome, we recommend that you visit this restaurant with older children or as adults only.
  • ADRS are a must at California Grill.

Visiting the California Grill is a unique experience, but when coupled with a view of Wishes, it becomes some of Disney’s magic at its best!  Guests are welcomed with a panoramic view of the Seven Seas Lagoon, and Magic Kingdom.  With over 1600 bottles of wine to choose from, your dining experience at the reimagined California Grill is sure to make memories.  Seasonal selections, along with traditional sushi and cheese boards, pair perfectly with the Napa Valley wines found here.

Overall, we give this dining location an “A”.


6 thoughts on “California Grill

  1. Love California Grill. It is my must eat at Restaurant anytime I go to Disney. Food is great, service is excellent and the view is spectacular. I love to watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom here.

  2. California Grill is on my ‘Must Do’ list when visiting WDW. It was even the place my wife and I had dinner (and watched Wishes) before I asked her to marry me. The food, the mood, the service were all excellent and they made it even more special by seating us by the window so we could see Wishes. A great example of excellence by Disney!

  3. California Grill is my favorite place to “splurge”! Great service, great food, GREAT view, what more can you ask for in a Disney dining location? Yes, it is pretty expensive, but I believe for that one evening of a “splurge”, it is well worth it. They do not rush you, they let you take your time and enjoy drinks and dinner, and encourage you to watch “Wishes” from their location. Top notch in my book!!

  4. Oct 1, 2011 Dinner
    Fam of 5 went there for hubby’s bday. Sushi was terrific, Steak was terrific but they switched mine with my MIL so mine was not cooked to my liking: too overdone. Didn’t figure it out until after the meal. They made a chocolate sign in dessert for hubby. Overall, great food. Really, nice service. Pleasant atmosphere. Modern. Cool bar area wrapped around. We should have stayed there for fireworks instead of fight the crown at MK on the 40th anniversary. The rooftop overlooks what seems to be the back of MK and closer than I thought it would be.

  5. We usually go to Chef Mickey’s the first night we arrive… It lets the kids (and me 🙂 ) see the characters right off the bat which allows us more park touring and less line standing…

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