Toluca Legs Turkey Co


In the strip of Sunset Blvd counter service and snack stops you can find the Toluca Legs Turkey Company kiosk where you can pick up one of Disney Hollywood Studios famous turkey legs! Filling and delicious they sure hit the spot!  There are several spots on Disney property where you will find turkey legs-it’s so fun to see people try to eat them….because they’re huge!  They are for sure big enough to share.

The Toluca Legs Turkey Company is on the Disney Dining Plan, and would be the use of a snack credit.  Perhaps a decent use of a snack credit, as it is a huge portion and big enough to share.  Also, it is very filling, therefore you could consider it a “meal” for a snack credit.  There are also drinks available here as well.  You can view their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give the Toluca Legs Turkey Company a “B”.




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