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Looking for a Character dining restaurant in Epcot?  One that might have last minute opening? Looking for a one of a kind experience?  A highlight to a possible afternoon in The Land pavilion? Look no further than Garden Grill! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know it’s easy to get reservations for this character dinner featuring Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey.

  • All characters are dressed in their farm gear, which adds to the theme of this constantly moving restaurant.  The tables are set at two different tiers, which very slowly move through what seems to be America’s different climate zones as you eat!  Don’t worry, you can’t feel the moving; but it sure is fun watching what is up ahead!  You’ll have uncanny views of Living with the Land!  
  • This is an excellent character meal for boys!  The characters are such fun, and the atmosphere isn’t “girly” at all!
  • Open for dinner only, meals are served family-style (big platters which are placed in the center of the table for all to enjoy and which servers refill the most popular parts of).  Salads here are Disney-grown, right in the hydroponic gardens in the Land.  Your meal price also includes drinks and dessert.  You can view their full menu HERE.
  • Garden Grill is part of the Disney Dining Plan and counts as a table service credit for each member of your party.  This is the only “classic character” dining experience in EPCOT.
  • As with any character meal, have your camera, pen and autograph book ready for when the characters arrive at your table.  You’ll have an opportunity for photo ops and autographs!

Garden Grill is a very fun, family oriented dining experience.  It can be an excellent end to your day at EPCOT, as it is typically open from 4-8 pm.  After dining here, you’ll be able to enjoy EPCOT’s beauty at night-the lights are beautiful, and Spaceship Earth is amazing when it’s all lit!

Overall, we give Garden Grill an “A”.




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15 thoughts on “Garden Grill

  1. We’ve celebrated two birthdays here, one for each of my daughters. The food is ample and delicious, the character interaction is fantastic, they come by every 5 minutes it seems. Mickey even walked my daughter over the railing where you can look down over The Land ride and held her hand and watched the boats go by…so precious. This is our favorite character dining restaurant and highly recommend it to anyone young or old.

  2. Oh this was a great character dining experience.. My kids loved the fact that the restaurant rotated and who can’t love the fact that Mickey, Chip & Dale come to your table, they take pictures, sign autographs and mess around and play with you… It’s just wonderful! The food was good and it wasn’t pricy at all.. We had lunch and it was cozy and not as hectic as some of the other character dining experiences I will admit. We will definitely add it to our ADR’s again on our next trip!

  3. This was my son’s favorite place to eat. The food was excellent, service was excellent and Chip and Dale were hilarious, they had my husband, son and I laughing so much that my stomach hurt. Will do again.

  4. We went her for Thanksgiving one year and really enjoyed it. Loved when they had the Ice Cream Party that you could book. Will have to give it another try when we take our granddaughter.

  5. i had such a blast when i ate at garden grill! the character interaction was hilarious (my table was composed of 20-somethings) especially when my friend thought Pluto wanted him to rub his belly (when actually Pluto was wondering if the food was good. i guess a belly rub can get lost in translation haha)

  6. i had such a blast when i ate at garden grill! the character interaction was hilarious (my table was composed of 20-somethings) especially when my friend thought Pluto wanted him to rub his belly (when actually Pluto was wondering if the food was good. i guess a belly rub can get lost in translation haha)

  7. We LOVED this restaurant. We actually did not have it in our original plan. We made reservations for Cape Mays, but every time we entered The Land it smelled so good. So the day before we went to our resort front desk with our fingers crossed to see if we could get a reservation. Being that this is a character meal that included Mickey Mouse himself we did not think we would get it. We were so happy when we did. We arrived about 5 minutes before our time and had to wait about 10 minutes for our table. It was worth the wait. Everything was amazing, especially the beef and the mac and cheese. The staff was so friendly and helpful and we got lots of time with the characters who visited our table several times while we were eating. My son loved that the restaurant rotated. We will be eating here again. I think it was the best meal we had the whole week we were there.

  8. love the fresh food here, and the ambiance of the spinning restaurant around the land ride, very good beef, great salad, and wonderful sides to boot

  9. Loved this Restauant!! We went for the first a couple of weeks ago. I loved that the characters got around to us a couple of different times and the food was good too.. when they brought out the food I was thinking there was no way it would be enough but it was more than enough… I was able to get great pics with the characters… the only thing that didnt work for me was not having a highchair for my son at the table we chose but that a minor thing and I could always bring one that hangs on the table in the future.

  10. We adore GG for the AMAZING character interaction! On our first visit they came around to our table THREE times and had time to “play” with us each time. At our second trip they visited twice, probably because we had a later ADR. Still, best character option in my opinion. We thought the food was great, although we were starving both times as I remember thinking “this is the BEST bread and salad EVER”…
    They brought fingers and fries for the picky kids and service was very good. A must-do.

  11. LOVED this place! We actually didn’t expect alot out of the place, but reserved it because it was character dining. I hadn’t heard any rave reviews, so we went in just hoping it was horrible. We had the best service of our entire 10 day trip there. Our waiter was so friendly and attentive. The food was amazing. They serve it family style, and make sure they keep refilling what you need more of. All of the food was fresh and delicious. Even if there were no characters, we would go back!

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