Seashore Sweets


Seashore Sweets is your stop for ice cream, taffy, and other tasty treats! This is a great, fun stop as you stroll the Boardwalk at night! And it is decorated with images of all the past Miss America pageant winners! You can also grab some souvenirs (perishable ones at least) in the form of all sorts of wrapped cookies and snacks as well as pre-packaged Disney goodies!

You CANNOT use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits here at Seashore Sweets.  This is a great place to find fun gifts for those waiting for you back at home.  You’ll love the huge, gorgeously decorated candy apples, or filling your own bulk candy bag!  Their full menu can be found HERE.

Overall, we give Seashore Sweets an “A”.



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One thought on “Seashore Sweets

  1. Being from New Jersey we have spent many summer vacations going ‘down the shore’ and to the boardwalk. Seashore Sweets (as well as the Boardwalk area) is a wonderful replica of our NJ boardwalks and the kids love the ‘sweets’.

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