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Drinkwallah is open seasonally in Animal Kingdom’s Asia area.  It has a very similar selection to Africa’s Harambe Fruit Market which serve a small selection of snacks and drinks. You can pick up chips or fruit as well as a selection of beverages at both kiosks.  You will find Drinkwallah also serves fun frozen drinks, like Frozen Cokes, Lemonades, and Cherry.

Drinkwallah is part of the Disney Dining Plan, and will count as a snack credit.  Even though their menu isn’t huge, it’ll satisfy your hunger if you need something quick.

Overall, we give Drinkwallah a “B”.




One thought on “Drinkwallah

  1. Drinkwalla is my favorite place to get a specialty iced tea on the way to Expedition Everest. I love their Raspberry Iced Tea. It doesn’t even need any sweetener. My husband likes their coffees. Be aware that there are not any lids. So don’t try to save it for later, LOL. Even with cup holders in the stroller there is too much of a chance of spillage. Enjoy!

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