Disney World Restaurant and Snack Options


Magic KingdomEnchanting entertainment, classic attractions, beloved Disney Characters and spectacular parades and fireworks in a place where fairytale dreams can come true.

Main Street



Liberty Square



Hollywood StudiosShows, attractions and tours offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of Hollywood-style action.

Hollywood Blvd

Echo Lake Area

New York Street & Commissary Lane

Mickey Avenue

  • Studio Catering Company

Sunset Blvd

EpcotAttractions and entertainment dedicated to technological innovation and the culture and cuisine of 11 nations. Don’t forget to check out our special Drink Around the World Showcase section.

Future World






American Adventure




United Kingdom


Animal Kingdom – The world’s largest animal-themed park full of attractions, adventure and fantastic animals.


Discovery Island

Camp Minnie Mickey



Dinoland USA

 Character Dining– Check out these locations for the best, most friend-filled meals in “the world”!

Downtown Disney – Some top notch eateries at Downtown Disney. Make sure to check out our Downtown Disney Drinking Spots too!

Special & Unique Dining

Quick Service

Casual Dining

To see a full list of Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants click here


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104 thoughts on “Disney World Restaurant and Snack Options

  1. WOW great coverage of all the restaurants – we love POP’s food court options but are curious to see since they have changed a bit.

  2. Our fave place is Pizza Planet. I have 3 Autistic boys and they all are obsessed with Toy Story.

  3. It’s so hard to choose which restaurants to visit on each trip! I want to visit them all right now! We’re going in september and so far have Rainforest Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, Raglan Road and the Wishes dessert party on the list!!

  4. one of our favorite places to catch a great quick service is cosmic rays, th portions are large enough to share food is great and we leave full, great way to stretch your dining plan/or dollar.

  5. Our favorite place to eat is The Garden Grill in Epcot. We love the food, the atmosphere and the fact that Mickey and Chip and Dale come around and visit us.

  6. Love being able to see menus! Gives us an idea of what we want and what types of food they have before we decide to visit that restaurant.

  7. Our favorite snack is the popcorn! We collect the different character popcorn buckets! LOVE the Dumbo one! You get a snack and a souvenir all in one!

  8. We have many favorite places to dine at WDW but I would have to say the one closest to heart is Akershus Royal Hall in Norway at Epcot. We have gone there the same month every year and get a picture with Belle and our daughter… really shows how fast she is growing up. Bitter sweet but at least I know she is growing up right…. a Disney addict!

  9. My children loved to eat at Pinnochio’s Haus and watch everyone going into It’s a Small World.

  10. I can’t thank you enough for this website. We have booked our first trip this November and I’m almost overwhelmed. Having never been all I wanna do is just meet Mickey Mouse. LOL But in reality I don’t know where to go, what to eat, what to see. etc. Your site has helped me and I will be researching it constantly from now till our trip!!! Thank you for the blessings!!!

  11. Cosmic Ray’s is my son and mine’s favorite place to eat in the Magic Kingdom. The toppings bar is the best. We get the hot cheese and make our own cheesy fries.

  12. We have stared a tradition of going to Chef Mickey’s for dinner the night before we start visiting the parks. On our first day at Magic Kingdom we eat lunch at Columbia Harbour House and sit upstairs.

  13. I love the dinning at WDW. That is my main reason for going, trying foods that I might not find in my city.

  14. Looking forward to using the dining plan and trying many new places. This will be our first trip actually eating well!

  15. I really appreciate how the snack credit choices have expanded. It used to be very little choice when it came to the snack choices to pock from but I noticed when we went in June that the choices have really gotten better. Not only do you have more choices but the dollar amounts for the snack options have also gotten higher so if you choose snacks with higher dollar amounts you get alot of value.

  16. We always purchase the dining plan! It is so filling and a wonderful variety. A tip I like to share with family & friends is to use your snack options for breakfast so that you can use your counter-service and table-service options for the more expensive meals 🙂 Thank you!

  17. I haven’t been to WDW in years, but my favorite snack was at a little hut/shop at the edge of Fantasyland (near Tomorowland) and was a strawberry sherbert/vanilla custard twist. I forget what the hut was called but I don’t see it listed above. Anyone know if it is still there?

  18. Loved Teppan Edo! My husband and I went there for our “date night” and had a wonderful time with another couple we met.

  19. We found the Plaza to be the perfect getaway for lunch at the Magic Kingdom. The kids loved the choices, and the prices were very reasonable for a sit down meal. It was also a very quiet venue, and we welcomed as many drink refills as we needed on a hot day in the park. It required reservations, but we made them the night before in our hotel room with no problems. Will go back again.

  20. A little Gem is Magic Kingdom is The Plaza. Your located in the center of the Kingdom and the food is reasonable priced and delicious.

  21. Wish I had found this site before we went to WDW! Would have loved to try some of these places out…we just ate at the closest place when we got hungry. Guess there’s always next time!

  22. Our favorite restaurant is Boma. The food is amazing and sublime. The service is fantastic. My older son came down with a fever at the restaurant. Our server brought out ginger ale and didn’t charge us for his meal. They were so wonderful! The atmosphere is exotic and soothing. Boma is “the place” to go. My children are 12, 8, and 7, they love Boma!!

  23. We stayed at saratoga springs (DVC Home Resort) and ordered pizza delivered. i don’t remember the name of the restaurant it came from, but it was very good. I loved the box with Mickey and the Gang on the front announcing “Pizza’s Here”. i said it in my best Mickey voice over and over again. it was a treat to have pizza delivered to our room after a long day.

  24. this is a nice list! Easy to click on what you want. It’s really amazing how reviews really vary from person to person. Sometimes you just have to go and try a place and hope for good results.

  25. We tried ‘Ohana finally on our last trip. It was only the wife and I for our anniversary and it was the first meal we had when we got to the World. I knew we were in trouble when our “Cousin”, actually our waitress for all of you who haven’t eaten there (‘Ohana does mean Family after all), told us she hoped we were hungry because there is a TON of food coming. Man was she right. Everything was AWESOME. From the bread to the dessert. We were stuffed. It did make us miss our kids though once they started with the childrens’ activities.

  26. We ate at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant this trip for the first time, and it was really good! Excellent lasagna, and the kids LOVED the spaghetti and meatballs! We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. I think it replaced Boma as my husband’s favorite restaurant.

  27. Wow…what a list. I never realized how many places to eat in the parks there were…until I got the dining plan and had to make reservations.

  28. I’m not sure if it has a name or was included in your list, but right between the Swiss Robinson Treehouse and Aladin’s ride is a food cart that serves delicious egg rolls and spring rolls. Yummy for a quick pick me up.

  29. You really do not realize how MANY places there are to eat at Disney World until you view the list you have created! This is a great list to have since most tend to eat at the same places each time they go! 🙂

  30. The list of places by park is great because we usually forget about some of the food places. We usually end up at the same places on our vacation. This would be great to have as a reference.

  31. I like the like the list of what is where, but would like to see a link to a menu and a place to put reviews of who has eaten there.

  32. Wow what a great list. A definite must have when you would like to plan ahead for your family’s day in the parks and try and meet everyone’s dining needs.

  33. thanks so much for posting the terms and dates to remember at the top of this page. It helps so much when explaining ADR’s to newbies

  34. One of the things I look forward to most about going to Disney is always the food. Fantastic quality, huge amount of options – definitely something I look forward to!

  35. Everyone needs to eat right? This is great to help plan out your day and easy to use. If you know which park your planning on doing can go right there and see what choices you have. Marrakesh is my favorite in Epcot=yummy!!!!!

  36. Oh I love the fact that all the resteraunts are listed in the area of the park that they are located. I could just print the page and bring that to the park with us!!! Thank you

  37. This is a great over view of all the selections and different kids of ways you can eat at the disney parks and around the “World”

  38. Your articles have really helped in planning my upcoming trip to Disney World!
    I have twin autistic boys and it helps to be able to find food they like in a hurry! They are very picky eaters! Thanks!

  39. With all the excitement of just going to DisneyWorld/Land I even get more excited thinking about where we will be eating and staying while there. It’s the whole package that makes it a magical experience for our family. Love Disney!!!

  40. Casey’s Corner for lunch,Crystal Palace(dinner),Liberty Tavern (dinner)when it had characters,Chef Mickey,Spoodles(gone),PrimetimeCafe,Coral Reef,Le Cellier,Nine Dragons.Too many places to discover.

  41. My whole family loves Ohana.  The food is fantastic and the entertainment is great too.  My 5 year old loves learning to hula and the races and dances!

  42. The first time I tried the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s was our fourth trip last year!  I can’t wait to get back in October to get another bite of them!

  43. The first time I tried the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s was our fourth trip last year!  I can’t wait to get back in October to get another bite of them!

  44. The ‘Ohana breakfast was fantastic. When we got back and have been sharing details of our trip, several folks have asked if we did ‘Ohana. No other character meal was asked about. 🙂
    My other all-time favorite is 50’s Prime Time Cafe (Hollywood Studios). I end up eating there every visit. Love “Mom’s” cooking.

  45. Favorite restaurants are Nine Dragons (China Pavillion), Scifi Drive In (Hollywood Studios) and O’Hana breakfast buffet (Polynesian).

  46. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

  47. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

  48. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

  49. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

  50. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

  51. Don’t foget to mention all the wonderful restraunts in the Resorts! You don’t just have to eat at the Parks!

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