The Emporium Expands to Casey Corner’s Dining Area in the Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner

Better up! While we can’t dine in at our favorite hot dog joint at the Magic Kingdom, we can still enjoy some of the atmosphere! We took a stroll through Casey’s Corner to see what the restaurant looks like during its closure and we found many things unchanged. Except of course for the racks of merchandise! It appears that the Emporium has expanded into the empty restaurant next door!

Since Walt Disney World’s closure in March, many restaurants, rides, and shops have kept shuttered in a phased reopening strategy. Casey’s Corner is one such restaurant. We have truly missed picking up a quick lunch on Main Street, but while we wait it doesn’t seem right to leave that beautiful building completely void! The dining area of the restaurant has recently been filled with apparel displays that spillover from the shop next door.

The counter portion of the restaurant remains inaccessible due to velvet curtains blocking out guests. Instead, guests are guided back into the Emporium to make their exit. The Emporium is of course the largest souvenir shop in the Magic Kingdom, spanning almost the entire length of Main Street. However, it appears that the merchandise has outgrown the shop and needs a little extra wiggle room!

On your next trip into the Magic Kingdom, don’t let your shopping experience end before you’ve walked through Casey’s Corner. While it’s fun to peruse items while noting baseball paraphernalia on the walls, we still hope we will be back to eating hot dogs soon!

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Allison Luna