Southwest Airlines CEO Speculates That Travel Will Resume When Places Like Walt Disney World Reopen

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines CEO, Gary Kelly, speculates that travel will resume when places like Walt Disney World reopen. Travel is not the most popular activity with the state of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there are plans beginning to be set in place to slowly reopen the nation, though there are still many limitations on crowds.

With that being said, popular places that people would travel to- Walt Disney World, for instance, are still closed. That means that folks do not have very many vacation options at this point and have no reason to travel.

Kelly shared, “the traffic levels are next to zero at this point,” during an interview on CNBC Tuesday. “If people are going to travel again, they need to have something to be able to do when they get there. So Disney World needs to open up. Restaurants need to open back up.”

As well as having something to travel to, airport guests will want to feel safe while traveling. Kelly comments on plans to make airports safer and cleaner: “We’ll need to disinfect our airports and airplanes and our customers will need to know what we’re doing and they’ll need to feel comfortable with that.”

There are other plans being discussed to maximize the safety of airport guests, including face mask requirements, health screenings during the security checkpoint, having hand sanitizer and wipes available to airplane guests at all times, and more.

What safety measures would you like to see in place before your next flight to Walt Disney World?

Photo source Southwest Airlines.

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