Disney Princess and Marvel Hand Sanitizers for the Whole Family

Disney Princess and Marvel Hand Sanitizers

A few months ago I discovered these adorable Mickey and Minnie Hand Sanitizers on Amazon, that were just adorable. After falling in love with them, I was very excited to get samples of the newest ones that just came out to check out! The new Disney Princess and Marvel Hand Sanitizers are just as cute as I had hoped!

I got all eight of the newest ones released, four Disney princesses and four Marvel heroes. Each includes a sturdy holder, and a bottle of aloe hand sanitizer. They all have the same mild scent, not too perfumey, but also not too alcohol-ey either. The sanitizer itself was very smooth on my hands, and not sticky at all, which is always a plus for me. In comparison to the Bath and Body Works ones, I would actually say they are better texture wise, because there was no slimy feel when I used it.

Disney Princess Hand Sanitizers

They Disney Princess collection has four popular princesses. Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel are displayed on a coordinating glitter color base. They have a handy strap that opens and closed for easy attachment to your bag, stroller, or belt loop while exploring the great wide somewhere.

When you turn the bottles around you see that they even have labels that match the character instead of a generic one for the entire collection, and feature affirmations that are fitting for the princess. It reminds me of the Alex and Ani Princess words collection!

Marvel Hand Sanitizers

The Marvel collection has Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. They each have a base color that coordinates with the character, and like the princess ones, they have a handy strap that opens and closed for easy attachment or web slinging.

Just like the princess ones, these have labels that match the character instead of a generic label across the board. I love that the font is in traditional Comic Sans for the perfect comic book super hero feel.

Get yours below!

These are perfect for every day use, going to the Disney Parks, back to school, and even work! I love having a hand sanitizer on me, especially these fun Disney Princess and Marvel Hand Sanitizers!

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