Make your own Dole Whip at home

dole whip recipe

Now watch us (dole) whip, at home! Disney has recently released some amazing recipes and special video footage for all Disney fans, from their iconic churros to a virtual tour of the Imagineering Studio. There is so much to do, even from home!

The latest release is their Dole Whip recipe, so get ready to make this unforgettable Disney treat and pretend that you’re walking through Adventureland and protecting your Dole Whip from the spitting camel. (If you know, then you know.) 

Disney Dole Whip recipe (Single Serving) 

Ingredients and Tools 




  • Add all your ingredients in a blender until thick 
  • Put your mix in a piping bag to create your swirl, then you’ve got yourself a Dole Whip! 

dole whip ingredients         dole whip blenddole whip swirl      dole whip

BUT WAIT. What if we had another dole whip recipe? That’s right, we have another recipe- this one from Dole themselves! 

DOLE’s Dole Whip recipe (Two Servings)


  • 1 cup pineapple juice, frozen in an ice cube tray 
  • 1 banana, peeled and frozen 
  • 2-21/2 tsp powdered sugar 
  • ¼-½ c unsweetened coconut milk beverage 


Combine frozen pineapple juice cubes, banana, and powdered sugar in a blender and blend until smooth. Gradually add in coconut milk until smooth texture. Serve immediately. 

OH AND ONE LAST THING. If you happen to have an ice cream maker at home (alas I do not, but it really would be worth the investment,) why not try out Dole’s Soft Serve Mix?

Get it on Amazon and use that handy dandy ice cream maker

Now that you’ve got three Dole Whip recipes, make them all and have a taste test! Team Disney, Team Dole, or Team Soft Serve Mix? 

If you want to try making another Disney treat, why not learn how to make a Mickey Candy Apple

Source: DOLE & Disney

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