Virtual tour of Walt Disney Imagineering

Imagineering Sculpture Studio Tour

You can take lessons and learn how to be an Imagineer, why not take it one step further and go on a tour of Walt Disney Imagineering? 


The folks at Walt Disney Imagineering are constantly wowing us with their immersive worlds that seem too good to be true and bringing our favorite stories to life. But today they’re taking it a step further and are bringing magic to your home with a virtual tour (which are quite rare to come by.) 


If you haven’t seen part 1 go ahead and start here, but if you’re ready for the next stop on the tour fly over to the Sculpture Studio! 

Disney Legend Blaine Gibson once was the supervisor for this department and his sculpts were used to create some of the various figures and bronzes you’ve seen in the parks. Today the sculpture studio still showcases some of his masterpieces as well as Imagineering’s most recent sculptures. 


We can’t wait to see where this tour will take us next! 

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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