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Mickey and Minnie Candy apple

The number of Disney treats you can find on Disney property are limitless, from the classic churro to the mickey beignet. But let us not forget about the iconic Mickey Candy Apples, with all the different flavors and designs it’s hard to not walk out of the Confectionery with one (or two or three, we don’t judge!) So why not try making your own Mickey Candy Apples at home!?


If you’ve ever thought there is something special about a Mickey Candy Apple, you’re absolutely right! Here are some of the top tips from the guest experience manager at Goofy’s Candy Company that make these Candy Apples superior to them all! 


Tip #1: Give them a good scrubbing and dry them off well! Caramel can fall off on your apples because of its waxy coating. Clean them until they shine! 


Tip #2: Disney’s caramel is heavier and stiffer, so make sure to melt your caramel with confectioners sugar to create thick caramel to hold the weight of your decorations! (Disney mixes 5-pound blocks of soft caramel with a pound of confectioner’s sugar- talk about a sugar high!) 


Tip #3: Dip your apple low and make sure to leave about one centimeter of apple that is caramel free that’s surrounding the stick. This makes it so your caramel near the top doesn’t bubble up! 

BONUS TIP: Skip putting these sweet treats in the refrigerator, just let them cool for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature, then they won’t sweat. 

marshmallows on apple

Tip #4: Make it Mickey with jumbo marshmallows! Take two marshmallows, cut a sliver off each of them lengthwise and stick them on top of the caramel to make Mickey-ears. The trimmed part of the marshmallow works as a glue to make sure they stick to the caramel. 


Tip #5: Save your sprinkles as the final touch for decorating. For example, Mickey is made by dipping the apple halfway in white chocolate, then he needs two yellow jelly beans for his buttons and red sanding sugar for the pants. Candy apple makers put the jelly beans on his pants first, then roll the treat in sanding sugar. If they did it the other way around his jelly bean buttons would fall off. Similarly for Minnie, they stick on her eight white polka dots (candy-coated chocolate) and then the sparkly red sugar to finish off her dress. 

Minnie and Mickey Candy apple

After the apple sits for 5-10 minutes it is ready to be put in the display case! The best part of these apples is the rotating designs! Mickey and Minnie are year-round classics, and a personal favorite of mine is the apple pie candy apple. You can find fun designs like Maleficent during Halloween time, or a snowflake during the holidays. Sadly some apple designs from iconic movies are no longer in rotation and candy apple fans are begging for them to come back, like the Lightning McQueen design from Cars and Sully from Monsters Inc. 


While the Candy Apple makers only get permission to bring back certain apple designs for a special occasion like a wedding order, now YOU can bring back the lost designs yourself at home! 


Source: Delish 

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