Make Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs Right At Home

One of the very first magical treats we are introduced to in Harry Potter are the chocolate frogs. In the Wizarding World these delicious treats actually jump around and act like frogs until you eat them, be quick so they don’t get away! They also sell these fun treats at both Universal Orlando and Hollywood. Though magic not included. Now you can make your own right at home!

The great news is all you need is a frog mold and some bakers chocolate. You can get a frog mold from our Amazon link here. There’s a lot of different kinds of bakers chocolate found at grocery stores. The CandiQuik one is very simple. You just set the tray in the microwave and heat in small increments until it can be poured in your mold. Get crazy with it! You can use white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Another fun tip is to put peanut butter in the middle and make some peanut butter and chocolate frogs. The possibilities are endless making them at home.

Once you’ve poured your chocolate in your molds they need to harden. I like to make them before bed and let them sit in the fridge overnight, but it shouldn’t take too long for the chocolate to harden up. Just follow the directions on whichever chocolate you’ve bought. Make sure you get baking chocolate, you can get chocolate chips and melt them but it may take longer to cool. Also I’ve tried making Butterbeer frogs by melting butterscotch, the texture was way off. I recommend trying a white chocolate melt and then trying to add flavor to the white chocolate for that recipe.

That’s all there is to it! Now you’re ready for a fun Harry Potter movie marathon or party. Or if you’re just missing the theme parks and need a pick me up. The chocolate frog box is leftover from a frog we bought at Universal but check google for images if you want to create your own. If you want an epic party or movie marathon check out our other fun recipes for Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, and Polyjuice Potion.

If you want even more Harry Potter recipes you can also check out this amazing cookbook from Amazon here. I have this and it has tons of fun themed dishes from treats from the trolley to feasts in the Great Hall. Let us know if you have any more Harry Potter themed treats or drinks you’d like to see us try!

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Susan Wilson