Live Longer With A Visit To Disney

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Live Longer With A Visit To Disney

What if we told you we had a fountain of youth of sorts right here in Orlando? That’s right, we have a way to live longer right here in Florida! We are talking about going to Disney World! Turns out Disney World may, in fact, help us live longer! According to this study, people with higher optimism have a better chance of living until 85. If you are still not sure, check out this quote from this article shared by Harvard Medical School!

“Plenty of research suggests optimistic people have a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and declines in lung capacity and function. Optimism is also associated with a lower risk of early death from cancer and infection. And now a new study links optimism to living a longer life.”

Disney World is pretty much the definition of optimism. After all, it is the most magical place on earth!

Just take a look at how our writers become more optimistic during their time at Disney.

Seeing beautiful sites all of the time is inspiring to all of us. Constantly feeling the magic around us brings a sense of joy and optimism one really can’t find consistently anywhere else around the world.

Laughter is a huge component of optimism and going to the parks always brings laughter out of us.

Disney allows us to forget about the outside world even for just a moment. We sometimes even get the chance to jump for joy as we are filled with pure happiness.

The snacks at Disney bring a whole new level of optimism! Having the opportunity to munch on cute snacks always brings a smile to our faces.

Their optimism at Disney may just lead them to a longer life. Basically what we are saying is book your next trip to Disney! Just tell your family and friends it’s on doctor’s orders to live a long healthy life.


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Melissa Welt