Having a Marvel-ous Day at Sea on Disney Cruise Line

Marvel Day at Sea

I had the pleasure last week of attending the first Marvel Day at Sea Disney Cruise of 2019! I would have to say Marvel falls just behind Star Wars for shirts in my wardrobe but a quick trip to JC Penny’s and Kohls fixed that before I left…

Marvel Day at Sea on the Disney Cruise Line was a perfect balance of Disney Magic and Marvel Nerdiness. Seriously, you get the best of both worlds! You get a Disney Cruise which for me is where I am truly my happiest and a full day of basically a Marvel Comic Con… but, I am getting ahead of myself lets jump right into the fun.

We sailed out of Miami on the Disney Magic for the Marvel Day at Sea to the Bahamas and the Western Caribbean, but the Disney Magic sails to three destinations including Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. This was my first time sailing out of this port.  I did not find this port as magical as Port Canaveral, however it was still nice. We did get to meet with Mickey and run into the other Disney Bloggers who were invited on the Media Cruise with us!

You feel very safe and welcomed at the port and after our security screening our group number was called we were on the Disney Magic! Horray!  You don’t need a passport for thiws cruise, but I strongly reccomend getting one as it makes the secruity screening go so much easier!

Other than some Marvel merch hidden away in a shop down near O’Gills, this sign was the only thing we can find Marvel related on the ship the first day. Lucky for us we had a special media preview where we could see some of the drinks and offerings available to guest on the Marvel Day.

Here is the table of merch they had setup for us along with 2 drinks, the Smash and Mark VII. There are popcorn buckets, drink cups, light up Thor Hammers for your beverages, lunch totes, and so many options to purchase. This was just a taste of what they had on board.

Both were delish and I guzzled my Smash down as the Hulk would, I made less of a mess though…

Here is a video peek at the merch available:

We lucked out and had dinner at Rapunzel’s Royal Table the first night. It is probably one of my favorite places to eat. The Cast in there is hilarious and the food is spot on! There is something on the menu for everyone. The apps are delish, drinks divine, and the meal was mouthwateringly good!  The entertainment was even better. Here you can see how enchanted Repunzel is with me…

We were picked on all night and made for some memorial photos like the one seen above. Ignore my face here, I am really having a great time.   Take a look at the yummy menu here for Repunzels Royal Table:

As if the meal wasn’t amazing enough, the entertainment was fantastic. I had Flynn teach me his trademark smolder, I will be using it on the wife later. It seemed to work on Rapunzel!

The next day we were given tours of Vibe & the Edge. I have never been in these places as my little ones are not old enough yet but you can check both out here.  These cool locations are a teens-only hangout, Vibe is chaperoned by some of the coolest counselors at sea, in a laid-back way that allows teens to feel as unrestricted and comfortable as they can possibly be. Vibe features a coffee bar serving a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages, including fruit smoothies and more. Guests ages 14 to 17 with their own special place where they can break off from the family and connect with other teens from around the world.

While the Edge experience aboard each pair of ships differs, the idea behind them is the same: Edge provides Guests ages 11 to 14 with their own special hangout where they can connect with other tweens from around the world. Equipped with high-tech entertainment including flat-screen TVs, computers and video games and featuring daily guided activities, this interactive play space is bound to become your tween’s favorite on-ship destination!

Both the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club we were quite familiar with and have frequented both quite a bit. Honestly, it is harder to get the kids to leave and spend time with the family than to visit there. Step inside the Oceaneer Club’s main gathering place—the central library—for an adventure to 4 fabulous lands! Amidst giant books, kids can watch movies on a 103ʺ plasma screen or enjoy story time and special visits from Disney Characters at the stage area. It’s a great time, my girls never want to leave!

On our ship tour, we were also able to talk to Gus who became our best friend on board.  While we were on the tour Gus talked to us about the Disney Characters that are presented in the Atrium on the Disney Magic.

I had no idea, but very cool am I right? Check out all of the merch I found on the ship in the store once it opened on day two! I had to take one of everything home with me.

Next up was PALO… We had a media brunch here inbetween tours.  This is such an amazing experience. The food on this ship is to die for! Palo serves an adult-exclusive restaurant serving Italian fare in an intimate setting amid stunning seaside views.  So leave the kids at one of the clubs on the ship, put on a nice outfit and head down for a romantic dinner for two.

With my belly full from one of my favorite brunch places in the world I remembered that the Snuggly Duckling was taking over O’Gills Pub later that night and wanted to go down for some photos.  You feel like you have stepped right into the Snuggly Duckling and are taken into a fun immersive experiance and show.

The Thugs from Tangled take over O’Gills pub on Tangled Show night.  You can play games in the pub atmosphere and have a great time enjoying the people around you.

There is Thugo a version of bingo which we happened to win, fun drinks and unique food items. The video I shot is from later that night but you can see all of the fun Disney puts into just something that goes on for just 1 night!

There were lots of surprises for us on the Marvel Day at Sea like…

Meeting Captain Marvel! For the first time ever we all got to meet Captain Marvel before anyone else. She was amazing and so very humble.  She is the perfect example of what strong woman can look like. There were lines and lines of people to get a glimpse of her. First Captain Marvel Selfie at sea goes to me(and the Disney Fashionista).

Captain Marvel would be back for Marvel Day at Sea but all of the media on the cruise got a sneak peek! Thanks Chad!

Grand Cayman was nice but very crowded. There were 6 cruise ships there that day. We just walked around the island and came back and enjoyed the ship.

I think I fell asleep at the pool after loading up at Daisy’s De Lites. This is a fun way to make your own noodle bowl with all your favorite additions. Who doesn’t love Pho? Doesn’t that make your own noodle bowl look really good?

Ok so now what you all have been waiting for Marvel Day at Sea!!! I was up at the crack of dawn with coffee in hand waiting for all the fun from Marvel Day at Sea!

If you can see from the Itinerary, the entire day is jam-packed full of excitement and fun. I reviewed it all while drinking a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking at all of the things I wanted to do on Marvel Day at Sea Day! There are so many things to do and so many characters to see.

We had tickets to see Spiderman, Black Panther and Iron Man first thing. Spiderman was my favorite and Iron Man really talked to you! I even snagged the tail end of a conversation Tony was having with a cast member.


Next up we got to meet up with Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. He loved my shirt!

Now that our excitement was at a frenzy the other Marvel Characters started coming out…

Lines were crazy to meet some of the big names like Thor, Captain Marvel, Loki, and Captain America. Good thing there were characters like Hawkeye, StarLord, and Doctor Strange just walking around interacting with guests.

I think Mickey and friends were a little jealous so they got in on the action as well.

From character meet & greets to special seminars on how Marvel is coming to the theme parks in a big way, there was so much going on…

Here is a video from one of those presentations that I got to enjoy.

So you are thinking to yourself right now how much more can they squeeze into Marvel Day at Sea? How about a show that ran 3 times that day about Doctor Strange?

Kids loved the stage show with Doctor Strange. It was very cute and they had some very cool tricks.

So after all of these events how about something very dear to my heart…Food!

On Marvel Day at Sea, you get a special menu prepared just for you. Foods & Drinks from all of your favorite Marvel Characters.

Photos do not do it justice so I grabbed a quick video right here:

I ordered the steak and I kid you not every Marvel dessert on the menu.

So Disney could have called it a night there and I would have been happy as a clam, but no… they have a Marvel Deck Party to finish out the day called Marvel Heroes Unite. I have seen a bunch of shows in my lifetime and this blew them all out of the water, literally lol. Lucky for you I was able to film the entire thing:

It was spectacular from start to finish. I also loved the cameo from Mr. Cameo himself the late Stan Lee.

After Marvel Heroes Unite I had a little present waiting for me in my room from Disney. Thank you to our friends at Disney for one of tthose picture perfect kinda days. You can see all of my photos from Marvel Day at Sea on our Instagram!

Oh and thank you to our Room Host Arnold for this nice treat.


I am so glad after Marvel Day at Sea our next day is at my favorite island Castaway Cay! I needed to relax and unwind from all of the excitement from the previous day.

Castaway is so beautiful. I would love to live here.

The Disney Magic looks so pretty docked on the island. I think I have over 100 photos of just the ship.

You can do everything from riding bikes to snorkeling, to kayaking or you can just relax on the beach.

I am an avid Paddleboarder so I had to get out there and have some fun. Paddleboard Castaway Cay… Done that!

Seriously thought the photos do not do it justice.

Oh did I mention you also can meet some of your favorite Disney Characters on the island as well?

After some choice waves, some good food and some island sun it was time to leave.

I am always sad when leaving Castaway Cay as I know that it is usually my last day on the cruise and back to reality the next day.

Goodbye Castaway Cay. See you next time.

Dinner that night was at Animator’s Palate where have a very cool dinner show. I have only seen this a few times but thanks to youtube you can see it with me!

The last thing we always do on our Disney Cruises is see the Till We Meet Again show in the Atrium.

Mickey and the Gang drop by one final time to say “Till we meet again” cause saying goodbye is no fun.

The Disney Fashionista and I had so much fun on our Marvel Day at Sea Disney Cruise. 5 days went by so fast…

Disney Cruise Line is perfect from start to finish. We made some wonderful friendships with the cast on board and even got to hang out with other Disney Bloggers.

Hopefully, the next time you are thinking about going on a cruise you will consider the Marvel Day at Sea Disney Cruise. If you are a Marvelous Marvel Addict like myself you will love every minute of this cruise and talk about it with your friends for a lifetime!

Special thank you to our friends at Disney for inviting us on this magical vacation! You guys are Marvel-ous!!!!


If you would like to book a Marvel Day at Sea Disney Cruise just use the form below and one of our Key to the World Agents will get back to you right away! 


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