Disney Cruise Line Action Packed Marvel Day At Sea Merchandise

Marvel Day at Sea has returned this year on select Disney Cruise Line sailings from January 6 through March 8. For one action packed day at sea Marvel Day at Sea transports guests to a new realm of possibilities, and the Marvel Universe assembles on the ship! Guests can commemorate their adventures with special Marvel Day At Sea Merchandise too.

Once the ship sets sail guests will have access to unique Marvel Merchandise, just for Disney Cruise Line passengers! Guests can suit up in exclusive Marvel apparel, shine bright with dazzling new pins, and more.

One fun design mixes port flags with marvel icons, which is a really nice way to tie together the nautical feel, with the comic book aspect.

Captain Marvel! Disney Cruise Line guests will be the first to meet Captain Marvel when she makes her debut during Marvel Day at Sea. I’m excited that we’ll be seeing a lot more merchandise featuring Captain Marvel now!

The pun lover in me simply can not get enough of the “Ahoy Captain” designs.

Guests beware, Thanos may be lurking on the ship, or maybe he just left his Infinity Gauntlet mug behind.

Collections will enjoy the limited edition Marvel Day at Sea Commemorative Coin collection. This exclusive collectible has a release of just 300, and features 5 coins set on an etched acrylic display.

There are lots of great things to find on board that Marvel fans will love. Guests will find everything from buttons and pins, to jackets and toys that are exclusive to these special Marvel Day at Sea Sailings.

Marvel Day At Sea Merchandise is available on 10 special Marvel cruises sailing from January 6 through March 8.

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