Weezer and Kristen Bell Recreate Lost in the Woods from Frozen 2

Frozen 2 was released in theaters this moth and it seems like everyone has Frozen fever all over again! The new film debuted some awesome music with covers from Panic! At the Disco and Weezer. The band even took it a step further to recreate a famous scene from the film with a pretty familiar face in their new music video.

Weezer and Kristen Bell Recreate Lost in the Woods from Frozen 2

Weezer recorded an amazing cover of the film’s song “Lost in the Woods“. The song is originally sang by Jonathon Groff who voices Kristoff. In the film, Kristoff belts this ballad as he pines for Anna and it is epic!

Now, Weezer has recreated this fan favorite scene in a music video. They couldn’t do it alone, so they had the help of Kristen Bell, who voices Anna. With lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, dressed as Kristoff and Kristen Bell in true Anna garb, it mirrors the original almost exactly (minus a few reindeer). We have to say, we don’t know which version we like more!

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself!

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Source: Insider

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