Disney+ Marvel Shows Starting Production in 2020

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We announced recently that Disney+ will be getting some original Marvel shows as the Marvel Universe expands. Thanks to a comment made by studio head Kevin Feige, we might be getting those shows sooner than we thought!

During the Marvel Studios panel at CCXP19 Saturday afternoon, Feige revealed that ‘Moon Knight’, ‘Ms. Marvel’, and ‘She Hulk’ will be ready for Disney+ “towards the end of next year”.

We aren’t quite sure what Feige means by “ready” though. If he means completely produced, the teams on the shows are working on a crazy pace and would presumably have to start filming by late spring to even consider a fall (or early winter) 2020 premiere date.

If we take his words literally and all three shows will be written and produced within 2020, the shows would have to take a similar approach to broadcast production, where photography begins as the season is still being written. Each of the shows could be completely in the can by Fall 2020, should it follow a more traditional production schedule, under the assumption the show currently has scripts being developed.

He also could’ve meant that the shows would be completely written and ready for production by the end of 2020. With traditional television shows, it’s not uncommon for a script to take two weeks, give or take a few days, to be put together. If that’s the case for these three shows, it’d take 12 to 14 weeks to script the six to eight-episode season of each. Using those numbers and assuming the drafting of the scripts start right away January 1st, it’d be reasonable to expect the scripts to be done by the middle of April.

That would all but guarantee those three shows receiving release dates in 2021 at the latest. If that ends up being the case, then we will get a total of seven shows from Marvel Studios on Disney+ within the calendar year!

‘Moon Knight’, ‘Ms. Marvel’, and ‘She-Hulk’ have yet to get release dates. Other upcoming Marvel Studios shows on Disney+ include ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ in Fall 2020, ‘WandaVision’ in Spring 2021, ‘Loki’ in Spring 2021, ‘What If…?’ in Summer 2021, and ‘Hawkeye’ in Fall 2021.

What Marvel show are you most excited to see on Disney+?