Top 5 Thrill Rides at Walt Disney World

For those of you who love amusement parks and roller coasters and the general feeling of going fast, try these WDW rides:

1. Rock N Roller Coaster –This Aerosmith themed roller coaster is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where you embark on a VIP limo ride to an Aerosmith concert. You travel up and down and even upside down as you race to get to the show on time. The best part? It goes 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds!

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – A part of Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom, this coaster puts you on a runaway train ride without a conductor! Speeds reach up to 30 mph which may not seem like much, but pair that with sharp turns and you will be holding onto the safety bar real tight for sure!

3. Space Mountain – Speed through space on this space age themed coaster that’s staged mostly in the dark, so there’s even more suspense since you can’t even see what’s coming!

4. Expedition Everest – Speed through the mountains, dive into glacier valleys, and climb up through snow covered peaks on this train tour of Mount Everest. Beware of the yeti who is lurking nearby, looking to ruin your ride!

5. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – The idea behind this one is a family came to stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel one night, and disappeared somewhere on the 13th floor. Of course the regular elevator is out of service, so your ride vehicle is the super creepy freight elevator, where you encounter a huge sudden drop (a result of the cables snapping in the elevator). The great thing about this ride is that it’s never the same twice – the number of times/how far you drop is random, so it really is a thrill each time

Disney World is more than the castle and characters, they really do have some great rides that adults can enjoy as well.

Need something a little more tame after doing all the rides listed above? Check out my blog for my “Top 5 rides for the kid in you” series, rides that may not get your adrenaline pumping, but they are still a good time for those of all ages!

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  1. OOh, sounds fun. We haven’t been to disney world only Disney land so some of the faves still made it on your list…working towards our first trip to Disney World, your site is so inspiring and I feel like I will know a lot more by the time we get there!

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