Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit

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Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit 1

When I’m visiting Walt Disney World (WDW) one of my hobbies is snacking. (It’s my trip – I can call eating a hobby, right?) And WDW offers plenty of tasty Disney snacks to satisfy the rumbly in my tumbly.

Now, many guests think of the theme parks when the Disney snack attack hits. But Downtown Disney (DTD) has its own special treats, things that aren’t found anywhere else at WDW (although they may be found other places).

So, to avoid appearing like too much of a glutton, here are 5 snacks worth a visit to DTD – as if you need another reason!

Make-Your-Own Treat, Goofy’s Candy Company: While there are plenty of Goofy’s Candy Co. stations throughout WDW, the DTD location is where you can unleash your inner mad candy scientist with a made-to-order snack. Start by choosing a goodie (crisped rice treat, marshmallow, pretzel rod, apple, cookie) as your tasty treat foundation. Dip in caramel, dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Select toppings, like mini M & Ms or crushed Oreos, that are sweet snacks in themselves. Then watch your trusty assistants help bring your creation to life. Name it Frankencandy, and enjoy it….if you dare. (Bwa ha ha.)

Chip & Company identify the 5 Best Candy Stops at WDW.

Doh-Bar,” Cookes of Dublin: How to describe this so-bad-it’s-good-for-you treat? Melted candy bars dipped in dough and then fried. Yep, that just about describes it. Sort of like state fair food, definitely a dining adventure, and even a bit scary. But oh-so-worth trying, even if just once, because there’s just something about fried food. It’ll definitely make you say Doh! (The candy bar may vary or contain nuts. I’ve tried a Snickers bar; it can be hard to tell.)

Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit 2
Ghirardelli Gold Rush sundae at Downtown Disney.

The Gold Rush sundae, Ghirardelli Ice Cream:  With so much ice cream at WDW – and admit it, who doesn’t love a Mickey bar, why Ghirardelli? Well, I could tell you it’s the premium ice cream. That’s part of the reason. Or the rich toppings, like hot fudge, berries, caramel. That’s another good reason. The picture-perfect presentation of a whipped cream and a cherry? That, too. But the combination of all those things? Irresistible. And why the No Way, Jose? It’s almost a random selection, but vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and melted peanut butter. Great tastes that taste great together!

Read more about Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at DTD.

Cupcakes, BabyCakes NYC : Disney does well in working with guests who have dietary restrictions. So it makes perfect sense to me that BabyCakes NYC, a gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, casein-free, dairy-free refined sugar-free vegan bakery, would be welcomed at DTD. But what suprised me, who doesn’t regularly eat vegan but is devoted to exploring all Disney snackage, is the rich taste of the goodies.

For those who notice such things, BabyCakes NYC uses high-quality ingredients, which emphasizes the flavors. So if you’re looking to eat gluten-free while at Disney, or just to have a really fresh sweet, then BabyCakes NYC at DTD is a small slice of (cupcake, cookie, doughnut, brownie) heaven.

Chip and Company compares BabyCakes NYC and Starring Rolls.

Cinnamon Pretzel, Wetzel’s Pretzels: I know many Disney fans have a love affair with the stuffed cream-cheese pretzels found at Magic Kingdom (and other theme parks). They can be good, true – although I find them too sweet for my taste. For a subtler sweetness, a bit of spice, and a fresh pretzel, I far prefer those at the Wetzel Pretzels at DTD Marketplace and West Side. I’ve never thought of pretzels as melt-in-your-mouth good…until I had one served piping hot one morning.

These are some of my top treats for a Disney snack attack. But seeing as DT is big, I’m sure I’ve missed something. What’s your favorite snack at Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World?

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Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit 3

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11 thoughts on “Downtown Disney: 5 Snacks Worth a Visit

  1. Since we were just there for the Food & Wine Festival…we ate a lot. I really wanted to try the Dole Whips, but wasn’t in the mood for one all by myself and my boyfriend wasn’t in the mood for one. O’well. I did grab a Babycakes cupcake when we were at Downtown Disney…hope it kept b/c I’ll be eating it today. We always grab the free Ghirardeli chocolates being handed out. This time it was Caramel on 9/30 and then Pumpkin Spice Caramel on 10/2. Love that they change it up at times…

    Since reading, next time we get to go (will be a while now) I’d love to make my own concoction – I thought about it as we walked around Goofy’s, and try a Mickey Cake Pop! I do have some Mickey Rice Crispy Treats that we got at the Foodie Fest! Some of the best rice krispy treats!

  2. My new favorite snacks are both in Germany. The Rice Krispy Treat covered in caramel and a drizzle of chocolate and the warm, fresh caramel corn. Wish I was there now!!!

  3. I love the Mickey Rice Krispy treats and am hoping to finally get to try the very famous Dole Whip this next visit we are going on in November! Loved this article as a checklist of other things to look out for!

  4. Snacks & people watching in Downtown Disney is as good as it gets. I’m not so sure about the Doh-Bar though!

  5. I just ate lunch so I could not possibly be hungry – but I sure would LOVE a make-it-yourself apple about now…………..

  6. I’m totally excited about getting to try Babycakes on my next trip to WDW. I’m also thinking it’s about time I go into Goofy’s Candy Co and make my own concoction!

  7. We were just talking about trying a Doh bar, when we were at DTD last week 🙂 I absolutely agree about ghiardelli’s sundaes–awesome! Our fave treat to get at Goofy’s are the Mickey cake pops! the vanilla has a hint of almond–delish 🙂

  8. I love making my own Mickey Rice Krispie Treat!! I usually dip in white chocolate and then do either reeses pieces or oreos w/choc or white choc drizzle! YUMMY!! 22 days and counting 🙂

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