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    I have called Disney and used up to 55 cards in one phone call to apply payments.

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    Tyler Kelson

    Heads up, if you live in Oregon, Washington, Alabama, Louisiana, or Missouri, you can’t take advantage of the $2/gallon discount, however we can still build points if you plan on taking a road trip (like me from Seattle to DLR) and redeem the $2/gallon discount once you are in California

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    Saving Sue

    I purchased my Disneyland annual passes over the phone and paid with Disney gift cards.

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    Dana Lee Guess

    If only our local Kroger’s actually carried the Disney Gift Cards.

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    Must you buy gas at the Kroger fuel stations to take advantage of the fuel points?

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    FYI I purchased a bunch of these. You can not use them to purchase tickets online, only make payments on full vacations. You also can not use but ONE a day to pay over the phone. It is a good deal, but Disney doesn’t make it extremely to use gift cards. Apparently there is a lot of fraud in gift cards.

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