Disney’s John Carter Bluray Review

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I had the pleasure of checking out the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic tale John Carter over the weekend. How someone from the early 1900’s could write something so futuristic and entertaining for a non fiction era is beyond me.

This movie was great! While my writer Patrick was able to see the film when it first came out and is hands down the bigger nerd than I am I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t link to his great movie review.

Not knowing much about the story of John Carter I felt I would be a good candidate to fill the Bluray Reviewer role as most people who are going to be reading this review are probably not as versed with Barsoom or the rich lore from the books. I will be honest I have never read or even heard of this tale from Edgar Rice Burroughs. I am lucky that Disney Publishing sent me the actual books which are on my to do list this summer.

I thought the movie was stunning, Disney really transports you in the tale. While for me the beginning was a little jumpy and I wish they would have given us more of John Carters back-story after watching it for a little bit you start to pick the necessary pieces of his past up.

The overall feel of the movie reminds me of Avatar and you can tell Disney really put the time and budget into this film just like Avatar did. I think the storyline is great and the marketing just fell short telling people about the film It’s hard to have such a great film when people are kind of clueless as to what it’s about.

I am not going to go into movie details or plot points. You can look them up online or read the book. What I do what to focus on is the bonus content.

The 19 minute deleted scenes for me was the best part of the bonus content. After watching the movie I was left with wanting more. The 10 or so deleted scenes are far from finished but is a nice addition to the combo pack.

The blooper reel wasn’t really funny what I loved the best was the “100 Years in the Making” feature. It is a remarkable look at how Edgar Rice Burroughs brought John Carter to a world that was dominated by Non Fiction. It was one of the major highlights for me in all of the bonus content.

John Carter was a really good movie and I think Disney did a great job with it. If you are a science fiction nut or love Edgar Rice Burroughs you will really love this movie. I plan on reading the books this summer since last I heard there won’t be a second or third film. John Carter is out today on Bluray & DVD.

Overall I give the movie a B+.

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