Ryan Reynolds Makes a PSA Mocking Celebrities For Making PSA’s During A Global Crisis

Ryan Reynolds Makes a PSA Mocking Celebrities For Making PSA’s During A Global Crisis. If there is one thing we can rely on in this world, it’s celebrities… at least that’s the satirical point Ryan Reynolds is trying to make in his latest Public Service Announcement (PSA). Wether it’s singing to sooth fans, or sharing motivational messages with the masses, celebrities are having to find new ways to entertain while stuck at home.

One thing that is certain, though we love entertainers, they are definitely not the front line of folks helping to rid the world of the current pandemic of COVID-19, aka Coronavirus. That was the point a certain comedic actor and business man, Ryan Reynolds, has conveyed in one of his recent video uploads to social media.

Though it is important to spread the word and not the virus, he takes a jab at his own industry sharing their “importance” during times like these. Over people like Doctors and Nurses, First Responders, and the list goes on and on… He does go on to nominate Steven Page, Constable Terry Reynolds and Seth Rogen to spread the word about the movement  #StayHomeSaveLives urging folks to bunker down to help prevent the spread of the virus.

You can watch the video Ryan shared below:

Clearly, the video is in jest but has lead to some serious discussion online about the importance of celebrities when there is a global crisis. Though they are helping to pass the time and the word, they are not medical professionals, goods distributors, and likely won’t be stressing about their bills in the coming months.

So what CAN they do? There are plenty of celebrities such as Ryan and his wife Blake Lively who are supporting charities to help with recovery once the worst is over, but other than helping organizations that are trained to handle these scenarios and listening to professionals and staying home to help prevent the spread of the virus there is not much else to be done. Basically, they can do exactly what EVERYONE else should be doing. (Which we hope you are for everyone safety and health, not just your own!)

We are enjoying seeing how celebrities and us non-celebrities are handling the extra time on our hands and we would love to see pictures and hear stories about how you and your families are handling the down time. Maybe you are playing board or video games, possibly working on hobbies (from home, obviously), or maybe streaming your favorite shows and films together! We would love to hear about it in the comments.

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