Disney May Be Developing A ‘Peter Pan’ Live-Action Remake

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Disney May Be Developing A ‘Peter Pan‘ Live-Action Remake. According to WeGotThisCovered.com, a reliable source claims Disney is looking to remake a live-action Peter Pan, despite the poor performance in the box office by other studios who attempted Peter Pan based stories, including the recently acquired, Fox Studios.

One of the factors that seems to be playing out well for Disney is that it is DISNEY. The live-action remakes for films such as Cinderella, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, have all panned (get it) out well for the studio, with both The Lion King and Aladdin bringing in over $1 Billion at the global box office so far in 2019. It appears Disney is on track to crank out remake after remake as long as the cash keeps flowing. With factors like nostalgia and curiosity being great selling points, fans keep coming to theaters over and over again to see how Disney works their magic.

This has led to much debate online as to if Disney is just remaking these films because they feel the need to re-introduce younger generations to their classic stories, make up for previous content such as the misrepresentation of characters in their films, or if it’s just for the money. It seems certain elements of all of these theories seem to be part of the truth in regards to the remakes.

Disney publicly apologized for the racist depiction of the cats in Lady and the Tramp in the song “The Siamese Cat Song”, and is looking to re-imagine the piece to better suit the companies beliefs in the live-action remake that will be available exclusively on their new streaming service, Disney+. Many fans think Disney is looking to do something similar in the live-action Peter Pan due to the negative representation of the Native Americans that are featured in the film. Particularly the racial slurs used in some of the music.

As for the films being used to introduce younger audience to the classic stories and making money, I don’t know a single entertainment company that is not about making more money to produce more entertainment, and at least the films are appealing to younger audiences who have grown up without standard 2D-animation featured films and are used to seeing high quality 3D-animation. Disney is looking to show them some amazing stories in a way that still garnishes interest for the next generation. (I have known several children who only wanted to watch the “older” versions of the films after seeing the live-actions, and it made them appreciate the stories even more.)

Though we know not everyone is on board for the live-action remakes, it appears they are here to stay. Disney does plan on releasing new content and stories in-between the remakes, but may be shifting focus to their streaming service, Disney+. Many of the remakes will more than likely end up being available exclusively on Disney+ in the future and to be honest, that is a great business plan for when people become tired of the over saturation in theaters.

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Photo Credit: Disney