Orange Mickey Cauldron Popcorn Bucket Pops Up in Hollywood Studios

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Orange Mickey Cauldron Popcorn Bucket

We can’t get our fill of Disney popcorn, whether it’s kettle corn, cheddar, or Hong Kong Disneyland’s fantastic honey mustard flavor. And the best way to carry around a fabulous snack is in an equally fabulous snack bucket. Lately, we’ve been spotting a lot of new popcorn buckets around Walt Disney World and we can’t help but want them all. The newest addition? An orange Mickey Cauldron Popcorn Bucket.

Not the first cauldron-shaped popcorn bucket to appear, Disneyland and Disney World have both seen other colors of this particular make. It is perfectly timed for Halloween and gives off a cute yet spooky vibe. Not only that, but the bucket lights up with just the flip of a switch! It is reminiscent of other merchandise that has been popular as of late, such as the Poison Apple Stein, and overall it hearkens back to the original scary Disney favorite: Snow White. This is because the ”liquid” on the bucket appears to drain down in the image of a skull, just like the poisoned apple that the Evil Queen prepares for Snow White. But don’t let that throw you off of eating the delicious popcorn inside! We can assure you it’s safe to eat!

The Mickey cauldron popcorn bucket costs $17 with tax and the orange version can be found over at the popcorn cart at Hollywood Studios. Don’t count on being able to find it for long though! Goodness knows people love their popcorn and Disney Halloween merchandise; these are sure to disappear quickly!

Allison Luna