Now you can have the full NBA experience at Disney Springs

NBA experience at Disney Springs

It’s official! Now you can have the full NBA experience at Disney Springs.  What could be better?  Get this!  You won’t be watching a game, you will be putting your skills to the test!  In the summer of 2019, guests can now have an NBA experience at Disney Springs!  Created by Walt Disney Imagineers, in collaboration with the NBA, this experience will be an amazing interactive experience for everyone!

This experience will be out of this world as you start of by experiencing a huge milestone in any basketball players life.  The NBA Draft!  During this experience you will have the opportunity re-create the atmosphere of the draft stage in your career complete with a photographic moment.

Players will then take part in a replicated NBA Combine challenge.  During this stage players will track and improve their jump shots and passing skills.  But make sure you do your best, because at the end of the session players will see the scouting report that highlights the players stats.

Great you made it! Now it’s time you take your first steps out onto the court to hear the roar of the crowd.  Don’t get sucked into the fame and stardom.  Players now need to maneuver through a series of timed shots to aim for a high score! Nice moves you have there!  You are one amazing player, now execute that slam dunk for the cameras around the basket can capture!

Way to go scout! You are doing amazing!!  However, you are not done yet!  We have more skills to test!  Next up, your ball-handling skills.  Your interactive trainer will challenge you with a variety of dribbling routines.  Do you have what it takes?

Guests will also have the opportunity to use an oversized slingshot to launch basketballs at hoops of varying heights.  The player has the challenge to make as many shots as possible before time runs out.

If all this fun wasn’t enough, guests will also have other NBA experiences that will top of their amazing adventure.  Guests can immerse themselves in the history of NBA and WNBA championship-winning teams, access a team locker room complete with up-to-date statistics, test their knowledge of the NBA and WNBA, and enjoy two 180-degree cinematic presentations.

This NBA experience at Disney Springs sounds amazing, even if you are not into basketball!  The Disney Imagineers never leave a detail out when they are creating new experiences for guests.  We can’t wait until Summer 2019 to have this experience!!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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